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Showing posts from August 30, 2009

Drop-offs Get Easier Eventually... Right?

The Pumpkin really seems to like school. Each time I've picked her up from school, she has had a good day and talks about the fun things she did. When we are at home and we talk about school, she is happy and has good things to say. She even uses a happy voice to tell me, "I cry!" (She wasn't napping and didn't want to stay on her cot, so she cried.) When I get her ready for school in the morning and even when we get in the car to go to school, she seems excited and happy about it.

Then we get there. Things go downhill quickly.

Monday, she was obviously unsure of what to do and a bit overwhelmed. In the car, I had told her again and again, "When we get to your school, first, we will find your classroom. Then, we will say hi to Miss J. Then, you will get to play with the other kids!" This helped a lot. When we walked in the building, she looked overwhelmed and started hiding behind me, but I turned to her and said, "What do we do first? We find your c…

My Week and Returning to Work

I must admit, it's nice to be back at work. I wore jewerly today, fixed my hair, and am wearing professional clothes! Considering my uniform the past almost 3 months has been a t-shirt and sweatpants, my hair has been in a ponytail or bun (depending on just how long it had been since I showered), and my only adornment has been spit up or dried milk, it feels nice to be clean and look nice.

I'm very thankful to have the nanny. She has continued to watch the Pumpkin, give her breakfast and get her dressed in the mornings this week, while the Pookie is sleeping and I'm getting ready to leave the house. (I have been bringing her to pre-school all this week.) It's because of her that I was able to take a shower this morning and not return to work smelling like spoiled milk and poop (I had fun with a leaky diaper last night).

I know that pretty soon we'll all get into a routine. We are finding our way now, but transitions are never just simple. This week has been especia…

Question of the Week - What's Exciting and New?

This is a CRAZY week here at the caramama household. The Pumpkin had her first day of school yesterday, and it went really well (of course she didn't nap and cried about it and wouldn't stay on her cot, but who's surprised? Other than that, she had a great time and ran right back into the foray this morning.). The nanny is transitioning to the Pookie, and that's going pretty well. I start back at work on Thursday, and am crazy busy trying to get everything in order before I go back. And Londo has had to work extremely long hours, including working over the weekend, on a project that will wrap up sometime this week (thank goodness). And sleep has again gone out the window.

I have much more to say on all these matter, and others, but due to being non-stop busy, having intermittent internet connectivity and only one hand free when I do get on the computer (usually I'm nursing at the time), I will have to write about these things in more detail later.

But I would love …