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Showing posts from September 6, 2009

A Weekend for Me and the Kids

This weekend, Londo is away for a guys football weekend. While he is not far away, he will not be coming home until Sunday evening. He put the Pumpkin to bed last night (while I was putting the Pookie to bed), and then he grabbed his bag and left with his brother.

Though I was initially a bit apprehensive about juggling the 2.5 year old and 3 month old by myself for a weekend, I have actually been looking forward to it. I've been watching both of them by myself quite a bit lately, while Londo has been crazy busy with work, and I've been enjoying my time with the two of them. There are upsand downs, but mostly I am pretty happy to watch them and do the juggling act.

I had plans for this weekend, and back up plans. I was going to get together with friends and family. I was going to reach out to other moms in my area (I swear I will send out the email for the DC Area Parents Email Group any day now!). But then the Pumpkin came down with a cold, and I had to cancel plans and forgo…

In Remembrance

Last year, I and many commenters wrote up our 9/11 stories.

I just can't find the words to post anything else today. Especially after being woken up every hour in the night to nurse the Pookie. All. Night. Long.* Plus after two weeks in pre-school, the Pumpkin is sick today and staying home with her daddy.

I'm exhausted, grumpy and sad. How are you doing today? Anything you want to share?

*I'm sure it was because he had gas and poopies he couldn't get out until we actually got up for the day--and then he sure let them loose!

Question of the Week - Easing Frustrations

It seems to me that every age/phase/stage has its own set of frustrations. And each child has their own way of frustrating his/her parents. Some frustrations I seem to do really well handling. Others... not so much.

This morning was full of frustrations. The Pumpkin woke up before I could get the Pookie back to sleep. She sat on my bed and watched Blue's Clues for a while, but the baby still wouldn't go back to sleep and she was losing interest. When she loses interest in the TV while in my room, she inevitably gets into stuff that she shouldn't. So I tried putting the baby down in the swing (it's in the master bathroom) in the hopes that it would rock him the rest of the way to sleep. I brought the Pumpkin downstairs with me.

But the Pookie didn't fall back asleep. He kept fussing and getting more awake. And the Pumpkin was being very contrary. Right before I went up to get the baby and just bring him down to be with us, I said to my lovely little pre-schooler, &q…