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Good Things Going On Shorts

After reading this post, I realized that I didn't need a DVD or class to do yoga with my daughter. I've been doing yoga for YEARS, and I know poses and sun salutations. I could just show her how to do some!

So the other morning, when she had a meltdown because daddy was going to work and she didn't want him to leave, I told her I had a fun activity for her and I to do. (She of course screamed no, leave her alone. I responded that when she was ready to hear about the activity, I would be in the other room. After a minute, she came in all curious.) I told her we were going to do Yoga!

I showed her some moves that I put together basically as a sun salutation, most of which she generally did. When I did the plank pose (think: when you are a top of a push-up), she tried to climb on my back. We laughed and had fun. It was so awesome to be able to share some poses with her.

And yesterday evening, I check our On Demand based on a tip that MommyEm gave me. Sure enough, under the Activity TV section of the kids programming, there was yoga for kids! We watched on and even did some of it. She is loving it, and I'm loving it!


I don't know if I mentioned this, but the Pookie's first tooth came in two weekends ago. It was the bottom right one. This week, the bottom left one broke through, but then it receded. Apparently, that can happen. But yesterday morning it poked back out. So he has two adorable teeth coming up on the bottom.


Rolling and Physical Advancements
Over the last few weeks, the Pookie (who is 7 months old as of yesterday) has been rolling over like crazy. When I put him down on his blanket, he will roll across the whole of the living room floor! He also scoots around on his belly a lot. Not crawling, not even the army crawl, but moving and shifting around.

He also loves being in the exersaucer. He streches his legs and pushes up. He sits in it and leans forward. He turns himself around in it to play with all the toys.

He doesn't sit up on his own too much. He seems to have a lot of stomach and back control when he's in the exersaucer or the highchair, but he doesn't stay upright for long when we put him in the sitting position on the floor. Also, when you pull him up by his hands, he never wants you to pull him to the sitting position. He wants to go straight into the standing position.


I have a playdate tomorrow! Months ago, I had talked with one of moms of a school friend of the Pumpkin about doing a playdate. She actually brought it up. But it never happened. Then last week, she called me and told me that her daughter is no longer going to the pre-school with the Pumpkin, but she got my full name before she left because she still wanted to do a playdate. So I invited her and her daughter over for tomorrow morning!

This is how we make new friends as adults, isn't it? Our kids get along, so let's hang out while they play? I'm really excited!


Yoga with/for kids is less widespread in France, and I haven't seen any classes advertised in Paris (and, frankly, I'm just not ready to drag le Petit off alone to any activity that isn't within walking distance of our apartment on a regular basis). So I asked my yoga teacher what she did with her kids when they were little, and she basically said she did exactly what you described: she improvised poses, let them crawl all over her if they wanted to, then try out the poses on their own if they felt like it, etc. I've been doing this with le Petit and he loves it. He especially likes when I do a candle pose, although I worry that when he tackles me he'll push me over backwards!

Plus, his Elmo Christmas video has a elf who does yoga. So le Petit often repeats to himself the line from the video, "Elf Yoga. It calms me down when I'm stressed!" and then randomly sticks out his arms and legs. It is too cute!
Karen said…
How fun! I think she'll enjoy yoga better at home with you than in a structured class. You're more free to turn it into a giggle and play session. Enjoy!
songbird said…
So interesting comparing notes. Mine is also seven months old and is sitting up great (he eventually falls over but mostly when he gets distracted or turns around too fast) but has not figured out how to roll over AT ALL - it's like it hasn't even occurred to him as a possibility - and while he turns like a clock when on his belly he doesn't make forward or backward progress.
Kayris said…
My kids like to make up their own poses which is fun too. Unless it gets too rowdy and we're trying to settle down before bed. My 3 year old is quite good at yoga too, she is very flexible.

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