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My Cuddlicious Plushie

The Pookie's diaper leaked in the middle of the night a few days ago. I think it was about 1:30, and he was wailing. I got him out of the crib, took his sleeper off and changed his diaper, with him screaming the whole time. He was REALLY upset. Probably because I turned the light on when I realized there was a big wet spot in his crib.

Although I had originally planned to change him and change his sheets before nursing him, he was so upset that I ditched that plan once I had him in a new diaper. I knew he was hungry and needed to calm down, for his sake and the sake of his sister sleeping in the room next door. So I cradled him in my arms, sat in the glider and started to nurse him, while he was just in his diaper.

OMG, that boy is SO cuddly! His skin is so soft it's like butter. He has just fattened up a bit, in preparation for the coming growth spurt and for crawling, which his is so close to doing. So many of his features have that adorable round-baby quality. He is, in a word, plush.

I relish this age and stage of babyhood: when he is physically soft and tender, when he is babbling with intent, when he wants to snuggle into me when I hold him. I've said before that I don't particularly enjoy being pregnant or the infant stage. But this stage? I LOVE.

I did finish getting him into a new sleeper, changing the sheets, turning off the light, nursing him on the other side and then "burping him" which was really a bit of cuddle with his head nuzzling into my neck. When I put him back in his crib, he stretched his neck, adjusted his back and fell back asleep.

While I do miss cosleeping with him lying on my arm, we both are sleeping better with him in his crib and me in my bed. And I still get 2-4 times a night to nurse and cuddle with him in the glider. Sometimes, I even get to snuggle his smooth, soft, plush naked skin.


Anonymous said…
ah, those moments when we actually start ENJOYING our kids! I know just what you mean about the double-edged sword of losing out on a nighttime snuggle-buddy.
Jana said…
That is the BEST time. Thank goodness Al is still a snuggler, but there's nothing like the squishy softness of an almost crawling baby. Enjoy.
Cloud said…
I love baby snuggles. And I can't stop kissing the top of Petunia's head.

Toddler snuggles are good, too, but Pumpkin so rarely wants to really snuggle these days.
Geeks In Rome said…
ah!! cuddlicious! what a GREAT word. It perfectly describes that feeling :)
Alecia said…
My little one has started to sleep in his bed through the first feeding, until around 4 when he comes into our bed. I miss the cosleeping, but he has become a kicker. Seriously, he likes to line himself up horizontally between daddy and I, like the letter H. I can't sleep at all with his tiny feet digging into my rib cage so now he has been in his own room. It had happened pretty smoothly and without fuss (another point for attachment parenting) but oh Lordy I miss sleeping with that baby boy.

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