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Trying New Parenting Techniques

If you are interested in child development, child psychology and a behind-the-scenes look into kids as you are trying to parent them, you really should be reading the Child of Mind site. Recently, Bella and Tracy have been writing about discipline and parenting techniques for dealing with those kids of ours. I particularly enjoyed the posts on the coercive cycle and being a flexible parent.

Recently Bella offered to sort of host a parenting challenge. For this challenge, she is going to post a write up about a different parenting technique on Mondays, and those who want to try it out over the week should do so and then comment about how it is working in that Monday post. I'm always wanting to learn new parenting tools, especially with a place to discuss its effectiveness with other parents whose opinions I admire, so I'm in for the challenge.

This week, the parenting challenge is "Let's Pretend." She highlights a strategy from Playful Parenting, one of my favorite parenting books. I tried it out on Tuesday morning, because mornings can be so frustrating in my house. And? It worked like a dream that morning!

I do love to be a "playful parent," although it can be so hard when I'm really tired, stressed, depressed or rushed. There are times when I just want the Pumpkin to just do what I say because I said so or because it just has to be done. There are times when I don't want to have to come up with a game just to try to get her to do things.

At those times, I try to remember that I want children who cooperate with me and others, not ones who mindlessly comply. I don't want to raise children who are automatons, who follow authority figures and simply do what they are told. But as the book Raising Your Spirited Child pointed out, the traits we admire in adults can be so frustrating in our children.

Regardless, playing "Let's Pretend" is right up my girl's alley, and mine as well. This is one I have used in the past and will continue to use. Feel free to join in the parenting challenge if you are interested!


mom2boys said…
Going to try this!!
Becoming Mommy said…
We do a little bit of it. Sasha is normally a great eater, but once in a while he becomes super ornery and refuses everything. And, while he's a sweet boy, he aint when he's hungry.

So I don't say 'lets pretend,' we just do it.

Dinner becomes Rinocerous with Monkey sauce or some such thing. Lots of giggles and he's back to eating. No fight.
Bella said…
Thanks for this great review of what we're trying to do! You've been so supportive in the comments and so thoughtful in your response to other readers. Just wanted to say I really appreciate it (and I've been following and appreciating your comments on Moxie's blog for ages, btw).

And I'm TOTALLY trying out the different hats idea. Getting mine to get out the door in the winter has been SUCH a battle. This little game/opportunity for choices I KNOW will hook them... at least for a little while anyway.

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