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Happy 3rd Birthday, Pumpkin!

Cara mia figlia,

My darling, beautiful girl, today is your third birthday. Wow. You are 3 years old. How did that happen? The years have just flown by, and each day with you has been a treasure. Each and every day and night, even the tough ones. You constantly amaze me and your father with what you are able to do and how much you are developing and growing.

Over the last year, a lot has happened in your life.

Just after your 2nd birthday, you moved into your new, big girl room. With yellow walls, Winnie-the-Pooh pictures and accessories, and a hand-made wooden toddler table and chairs, the room is really perfect for you at this age and stage. You love to play in your room and even spend time in there by yourself playing. We play dress up with dresses and a doctor's outfit, we play with the stuffed animals, we read books, and we have tea parties and birthday parties at your table. You also pretend to do dishes, play with your baby dolls and their accessories and jump around on your bed. It's a great room for you, and you've been so happy with it since you helped us move your things into it.

The next major thing that happened this year, and the most life changing, was that you became a big sister! At 2 years and 3 months, we weren't sure if you fully understood what it would mean to have a baby brother in the house. We read books and talked about it to prepare. But you were so young and it was such a new experience, we just didn't know how you would take to it. I'm happy to say, you LOVE being a big sister and really have since the day we brought your brother home.

Of course there was an adjustment period and it wasn't/isn't always smooth, but you have done exceptionally well at adjusting to being a big sister and having a baby brother. You loved to hold him and help with him when he was an infant. You are even more happy now that he is able to sit up and interact with you. You always want to make him laugh or play with him, and he loves to watch you and play with you. The bond you two have already formed is one that will be strong and last a lifetime.

This year, you also started pre-school. I must admit, I was a bit nervous. You spent the first year of your life at Grandma's house and the second at our house with the nanny. You had not been in a school/daycare environment for more than the length of a church service. You are very active and full of curiosity and spontaneity. I was worried that going to school would force you to change who you are. I shouldn't have worried. You are thriving at school. You are so friendly and fun--how could the other kids and teachers not love you? And at school, you have found your favorite thing to do: art!

As fall turned into winter, you continued to grow and develop. You continued to enjoy being a big sister and going to school. This was the first year we went trick-or-treating for Halloween, with you dressed up as Belle. You also did great on some road trips down to your paternal grandparents, including Thanksgiving.

You went through phases of sleeping through the night, phases of being scared, phases of separation anxiety, and phases of contrariness common to your age. Your vocabulary and communication abilities constantly amaze us. Your physical capabilities are so advanced. And this year, you have started playing by yourself more, named your dolls and some toys and stuffed animals, and you have started developing stories and making interactions with your toys.

Last month, you were ready to leave behind your diapers in the daytime. You quickly learned to use the potty regularly, and you love picking out underpants to wear in the mornings. You have also been picking out your clothes some mornings, too. You help me get yourself, me and your brother ready in the mornings, and you've started helping set the table for breakfast and dinner. You are able to do so much yourself.

You have been such a joy in our lives. You are simply amazing, my little girl. I can't wait to watch you grow over this next year, and every year after.

Ti amo sempre,


cirquedubebe said…
Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! Sounds like she had a wonderful year! Here's to another!
electriclady said…
Happy birthday Pumpkin, and happy birth day to you, mama!
BisBink said…
Happy Birthday to the Pumpkin!
Cloud said…
Happy birthday, Pumpkin!

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