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Question of the Week - Pets

Today, I and my dog are featured on Coffee with a Canine! There are pictures of my lovely beagle dog, and even one of me (sort of). It's a great blog, full of interesting people and their dogs. You should go check it out.

When you get back, you can answer this week's Question of the Week:

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind(s)?

We have a dog and a cat. I've written about the Beagle recently, and I've written about both of the pets here and there over the years. And although I am usually complaining about the cat peeing on stuff, he's pretty sweet and very fluffy in general and I plan to write about him specifically soon.

I love our pets. They were our furbabies before we had real babies. They are part of our family, and have been for a long time. We got the cat when we first moved in together back in 1999, and we got the dog in the fall of 2001. Although they can both be frustrating for different reasons at different times, overall they are very good pets and have made our lives more wonderful by being in it.

What about you? Do you have a dog, cat or turtle? Did you have any pets growing up? Do you have any good stories about your pets? There are many of you who write about your pets on your blogs, but surely there is something you want to share here, isn't there?


paola said…
We don't have any pets at the moment. Our last dog had to be put down after it bit my MIL. He was old and nasty and he would have turned on one of the kids sooner or later.

I grew up on a farm so we always had animals. My dad went thru a dog every couple of years, looking for the perfect cattle dog, which he has finally found. We also had cats, a ferret, native birds, horses, and other fam yard animals.

I would love my kids to have a pet to pet, but hubby doesn't want anything in the house, and MIL doesn't want anythign outside. So while we have a MIL, we won't be having any pets!
Becoming Mommy said…
We have two dogs. One seven yo, chronically ill, female kerry blue terrier; and one five yo, chronically wild, female portuguese hound. I write a lot about them because they tend to figure a lot in my daily life. The kerry because keeping her alive and well is a big job. The hound because...well, she is a regular source of surprise, confusion, and often--anger.
But I despite all the ruckus they cause, I think that the two odd breeds complement each other nicely and really fit our family.
Karen said…
It's no secret that we have dogs. Lots of them. In addition to those we have the goat, 3 horses and 2 lizards. Rather random.
My husband & I have 2 dogs:
- Mickey, almost 2 years old, chihuahua x
- Kayloo, 1 year 4 months, pitbull/collie/kelpie x (she's a rescue)

I love them to death and they DRIVE ME INSANE. Mostly I love them. Except when they wreck my junk.

Pets are pretty much awesome :)
Cloud said…
No pets right now. Hubby would love a cat, but I'm horribly allergic to them, so he's not getting one. No one has the energy to deal with a dog. I like rabbits, but I'm allergic and we live in an area where outdoor rabbits are pretty much coyote bait.

Maybe we'll get Pumpkin and Petunia a fish someday.
Anonymous said…
Sadly we do not have any animals anymore.

DH and I have decided that we are going to be pet-free for a little while. We figure once Monkey is a little older we'll consider getting him a dog.

There are days when I think I might want to go get a pet right away but right now it's just too much for us.
hush said…
We have 3 dogs - all rescued, all related, all totally lovable & precious. They really are our kids in fur-suits. Best story is probably the time our eldest dog took a leak on DH's pillow the morning after he kicked her out of bed one night. Totally premeditated! She is a tricky bitch indeed.

I had one dog growing up - a Scottish Terrier/mutt who hated everyone except for our immediate family - apparently this fierce protectiveness is a common trait of the breed.

Of the 4 dogs I've had during my life so far, all have been named after food!
mom2boy said…
We live with two dogs and two cats temporarily but I keep saying I'm taking the orange tabby with me when we leave. I have a thing for big orange tabby cats. Tate adores the dogs. They get hugs and kisses good-night before the humans do. He's sweet with the cats but he likes the give and take of affection you get with dogs better. The thought of being the solo head of household with an almost three year old is terrifying enough so adding a dog to the mix seems dicey but if I found the right one I might just because I know he'd enjoy it so much.

@ Cloud - by the time the girls start asking for a pet you might very well have the energy. :) Just sayin'. Not that there is anything wrong with a fish for a pet - I kept a beta fish alive for a year and was pretty proud of myself.
Ikwig said…
My parents got their first cat two weeks before they got me - my poor mum, who was an only child with older parents and a bird for a pet, really let herself in for it by saying yes to that tiny kitten when she was about to have to deal with a colicky newborn; I consider it a testament to her kind and patient nature that neither I nor the kitten ended up on the curb (although I'm sure she was tempted)!

Nowadays, husband and I have a houseful of cats from our feline rescue days, all sweeties for whom we couldn't find good homes. Most of them get on well with the baby, and those who don't are good at hiding (they come out after bedtime for their dose of love). I like dogs too, but I would have a hard time feeling at home if we didn't have at least one feline member of the family.

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