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Question of the Week - Accentuate the Positive

Between the incident at the Pumpkin's school, both kids getting sick HFMD which turned fever into cabin fever, the nanny getting sick and now some BS with the Toyota service center (yes, I have a vagina, but I also have EYES and a BRAIN), I'm in a pretty crappy mood lately. Oh, crap. I also just realized that I forgot the lunch I had packed for myself! Yeah, amazing how my days keep going from bad to worse to craptastic!

I really need to concentrate on some positive, happy things. Lighten the mood a little. So this week's question of the week is:

What are some of your kid(s)'s personality traits that you enjoy?

I really do love everything about my kids, even the things that frustrate me. But I especially enjoy that both of my kids (and my hubby) love to laugh and love to snuggle. In addition, my daughter is so friendly with everyone, which makes many things so much easier to do with her. Also, my son so far seems pretty easy going about most things.

What about your kids? What traits do you enjoy? Are they traits that you or your partner share with them? Come on, brag away! I really want to know!


mom2boy said…
First favorite thing - his laughter. From silly tickling giggles, to big belly laughs while slapping his knee, to his evil laugh (he does a drawn out heh heh heh) to his recent ability to mock me by snorting (is it snorting? it's some sort of blowing air through the nose sound).

Second favorite thing - For no reason
(other than a love of Good Will Hunting), I asked him the other day. "Hey Tate. Are you smart or wicked smart?" Without turning his head away from what he was doing, he simply responds "wicked smart." I mean really - the kid cracks me up.
Jac. said…
I love that my son, who is so rambunctious, and bouncy, and loud, will ALWAYS come and sit on my lap and read a book if I suggest it (and he frequently suggests it himself). And he will happily keep sitting and reading until we've read every book on the bookshelf and then some. I'm a reader so I love that he enjoys books - it's my favorite time together.
Cloud said…
Right now, I'm loving watching Pumpkin's deductive reasoning skills begin to blossom. For instance, she deduced that Daddy couldn't nurse Pumpkin because he has hair on his chest. That is hilarious, but really not a bad hypothesis given the information she has.

For Petunia- my current favorite thing is how she likes to sit up and watch everything. She has these big, beautiful eyes, and she just seems to be taking everything in.
hush said…
My 2.5 year old son has started expressing these really funny things. Like when he wants to climb on the countertops and doesn't want me to get him down from them he says: "No, mama. Go sit on the sofa and feed the baby." Or "Mama, go upstairs and play in my tent." And his grammar is funny too. "Don't eat me's chocolate!!" (me's instead of my or mine - I love it!)

My 6 month old daughter's laugh and smile is just amazing. The best is when her brother gets her cracking up.
nej said…
Favorite thing about the 2.5 yr old is definitely how much he resembles an adult trapped inside a skinny little boy's body. He's so earnest and when he does something that upsets us he apologizes and then says, "I won't do that again," and he really means it.

Favorite thing about the 6.5 month old is how she came into our lives and just fit right in as if we'd been saving her a spot all along. That and how clearly her love for each of us is always written across her face. I'm favorite thing about her is how chunky she is!
Charisse said…
I think my favorite Mouse qualities are the same ones that drive me the craziest - her persistence, her curiosity. Oh, and her kindness, which never drives me crazy.

I love the questions, the desire to *finish* things (except at bedtime when I don't love it as much) and I love her ideas for nice things to do for people, which she can often execute now.

And her eyes. She has the prettiest hazel eyes, completely different from mine (blue) or Mr. C's (plain brown). I love to look at her.
paola said…
That Noah at 5.25 STILL naps and manages to go to bed at 8.00 without any complaints.

That Noah always wakes up in a happy mood ( takes after his dad, 'cos I certainly don't!!)

Zoe's excellent memory. She's that kid who refers to the Icelandic volcano by its real name. But do not make any empty promises, because she will remind you after a week that you haven't kept your promise and will not. let. up.
Melba said…
My Rosie - that she's a fantastic swimmer. Not yet three years old, and she can jump in the pool, swim to the bottom to retrieve a ring, doggie paddle to the edge, and - this is the newest - she can dive in head first. This is all no thanks to me, it's all DH's doing. She's doing just great in the water and it is so fun to swim with her and watch her swim.

My Annie - She's the most ticklish 3 month old I've ever seen. Beautiful squealing baby laughs - not giggles, I'm talking full on belly laughs. And she's ticklish EVERYWHERE. Legs, arms, ribs, neck, you name it. She even laughs sometimes when I'm wiping her poop off her bum. It's the cutest thing ever.
Anonymous said…
Like Charisse, I love how my kids want to "finish" and their power of concentration. it's a pain at bedtime, but I think it's going to be so valuable later in life so I try to plan ways around it.

I love how my son loves reading and is highly creative. My daughter is NUTS, which I love. She is fun crazy and super smart.

I love that they have a great memory because I can't remember squat anymore so they have become my personal assistants.

p.s. I hope your kids get better! sounds so awful :(
paola said…
ON re-reading my post it seems as though the only thing I appreciate about Noah is his willingness to sleep. While I do, there are countless other things I love about him at the moment.

One beautiful and sometimes hilariously funny thing he has started doing recently is translating unknown words from one language to another. Previously he would just use the word he knew, throwing an Italian word into an English sentence or vis versa.

The other day he was telling me what vegetables he had had for lunch at kinder ( in this case fennel, which is called 'fi/no/cchio' in Italian). He was obviously stuck as it's not one of those words I use a lot in English. He tells me, 'Mum we had 'finocchio' ( pronounced 'Pinocchio' but with an F). It was the funniest thing I had heard all day! I burst into laughter ( gave him a huge hug so he would realise it was 'good' funny) and told him he had made a joke ( which he was pleased about too). Then I told him the correct word.

I look forward to more of these play on words of his, becasue honestly they are so damn funny.

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