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Question of the Week - Adventuring

It's spring time, and that's when I want to start getting out and doing things. Having adventures, taking trips, doing stuff. Historically, I simply can't do much in the winter, and I don't even really want to. But when the spring rolls around, I feel like I've been hibernating for months and it's time to get out and do things! Maybe it will change after a few years of medicating correctly, but because I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), I tend to feel like I have only half a year to do everything I want to do. So mentally, physically and emotionally, I want to DO EVERYTHING from about April on.

However, poor Londo is usually pretty exhausted by the spring time, since he does so much in the winter. I tend to plan too much and want him to be included too soon. So I'm working on not planning things for him until he is ready.

But that's not going to stop me from going on my own adventures, both with and without the kids!

The question of the week is what adventure(s) have you been on recently or are planning to go on soon?

This weekend was a very busy weekend, and I was so happy to be doing all sorts of stuff. My big adventure this weekend was going down into DC to see the cherry blossoms with the Pumpkin, a friend of the Pumpkin's and the friend's mom (my new friend). When we met at the Metro station, we looked at the crazy long lines just to buy Metro cards and then looked at each other like, "Woah!" But I said to my friend, "It's going to be very crowded. There are going to be long lines. We are going to have to wait a lot. But we'll have fun!"

And we did. I brought a stroller and my friend brought a wagon with two seats facing each other. The girls spent a lot of time sitting in the wagon and playing together (while we used the stroller for the bags). My friend and I got to chat about everything, which made lines and waiting easier. We brought snacks, drinks and stickers. We let the girls run around the grassy area by the Washington Monument, where they met a boy about a year older and joined him in kicking the soccer ball around. We walked all around the tidal basin, through the busy, crowded streets and sidewalks. We searched all over for a Metro station to get back. We made our way all around and back out with no plan, no real schedule and no major worries.

It was wonderful! I had a fun adventure with my daughter and our friends! We were spontaneous! We winged it! I can't wait to do something like that again... but not next weekend. I promised Londo I would not plan anything next weekend so we can do spring cleaning. But soon after, we are going to plan a camping trip, and we go to the beach the first week of June! Adventure and excitement, new and different things to do for the whole family! I can hardly wait!

What about you? Have you been on any adventures recently? Are you going anywhere good soon? Are you bring the kiddos and partners on your adventures? What do you dream of doing that you would consider adventurous?


Geeks in Rome said…
I like to pretend with the kids that just going to the park is an "adventure" because you never know what is going to happen!

We keep real adventures to a minimum because I get so stressed out thinking about planning and worried they will be tired and melt.

When we do do something it usually goes well but it is a pain making sure the worlds of fed-tummies, well-restedness, and not-too-much stimulation all collide at the same time.

Latest was nice: the zoology museum which was freaky, but we did a fake fossil dig, picnic in the park, boatride, nice playground. Today was just playing in the woods and getting muddy (my fave).

My DREAM is to go camping with them. The first place we have in mind is just on the mountain at the my inlaws' village. Hubby and I honeymooned up there in a tent and we love it. I would love for them to become hikers/campers. We're going to give it a try this summer.
mom2boy said…
Leaving the house with the toddler tornado in tow is always an adventure. And because I'm a glutton for punishment (I'm sure I really mean adventures in parenting), I'm taking him on a plane to see my dad out in Wyoming this summer.
caramama said…
@Geeks in Rome - The park is totally an adventure! As for the stressed out about planning things, my hubby is more like that then I am, which is part of why I'm "planning" adventures for me and the kids without requiring Londo to come--because I don't do a lot of planning so much as figure it out as I go along. It drives him a little crazy, I think. He's in charge of the actual planning for our camping trip so that it will go smoothly.

@mom2boy - Toddler tornados always make life adventurous, don't they? I hear Wyoming is beautiful! I hope the plane ride goes smoothly.
I love cherry blossoms- have you been to Tokyo? Amazing cherry blossoms out there.

Latest adventure... went up island for a weekend away with no TV, alarm clocks, internet... just good food, sitting by the fire, reading and going for walks. Heaven :)
Anonymous said…
We recently went to the Smithsonian and that was fun. But we could only hit up the exhibits we knew would be most interesting to Monkey (i.e. Dinosaurs and Wildlife) before we needed to leave.

In about two weeks we are going to see Thomas the Train. Apparently they put Thomas' face on the front of a real train and you get to take a ride. At least I think that's the gist of it. Hopefully Monkey will enjoy it.
hush said…
The best adventures for me right now involve sushi, a movie in the theatre, and my Podunk BFF in tow - sans kids. And sometimes just Target.
Karen said…
I've taken 2 day trips to Pittsburgh with a friend just to go shopping. That was a treat. And next weekend we have that thing in Baltimore that I'm REALLY hoping to make it down for so that we can meet up. I'll keep you informed. We have a dog due that day and I may go nowhere but the vet.

This summer we're heading to Mexico on a missions trip, so that takes care of a lot of adventure here.

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