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Step By Step

Now that my little baby has turned a year, there are just so many changes in his life--the changes from within (developmental and growth) and the changes from without (by us parents and others).

Today, I dropped both kids off at daycare/pre-school for the first time. It won't be the last, as we are making changing to our childcare situations. In fact, the Pookie had a "free trail" day at the daycare where we are starting him full time next Wednesday. The Pumpkin will continue at her pre-school (a different location) through the summer, and then we are going to start her at a Montessori school in the fall (as long as they have room and are a fit for her! I'm feeling anxious to here back from them). He apparently did great, which is such a relieve even if it's no surprise.

The Pooki's a pretty easy-going guy, loves people and people-watching, and is very flexible with changes to his schedule and environment. The good news about starting him at daycare is that he seems ready for it and like he will enjoy it, and that the place I found (after MUCH searching) is also flexible and care more about the children's individual needs than getting them on their schedule or agenda.

He is starting in the 12-18 month room, where most of the kids are walking, eating real foods and taking one nap a day. He's not really walking yet (more in paragraphs below), but he is close and will do just fine in the room. He did fine with the one nap, as he has before when we were on vacation or sometimes when he just won't take the other nap. We think he's about to transition to one nap anyway, and we'll just get him back on an earlier bedtime. But he didn't eat the real food that was provided. He did eat up all the rice cereal and purees I packed for him. He didn't drink milk out of the sippy cup, but did suck down the bottles. He's not doing everything that other kids are in the room, but he'll get there little by little. Baby steps, if needed.

Speaking of steps: the Pookie took his first unassisted step last Friday! I didn't see it, but I saw him take one on Saturday and Londo said that he did the exact same the evening before. So we're calling it last Friday. His wobbly steps and even his failed attempts are so freaking cute! He's standing up without touching anything, he's cruising all around, and he's walking with assistance like a champ. He'll soon be able to trail after his sister on two feet instead of hands and knees.

Another new development has been his ability to figure out what steps he needs to take to accomplish things. I believe The Wonder Weeks calls it the World of Sequence. Sunday night while Londo was putting the Pumpkin to bed, I was playing downstairs with the Pookie. This was nice, because I rarely get one-on-one time with him just to play. I'm usually either with both kids, or when I'm with just him, I'm nursing him, putting him to bed or getting him ready for the day.

We had a cup between us, and we were putting plastic balls into the cup and taking them out. I was amazed watching him pick up a ball, look at the cup, put it in, and then get another ball to do the same. Once it was full, he would push the cup over so they rolled out, and he would start again (once I rightened the cup). I pulled over a bucket, and he started putting some balls in that one. He would look at the ball, look at the cup, look at the bucket and I could see him decide which he wanted! And then he'd put the ball where he wanted it.

Also, he would hand me some balls to do the same. And my favorite moment of that playtime was when he was handing me balls, but I had my hand so my palm was face down. He reached with his free hand, turned my hand over, and then placed the ball in my hand!

A year ago, he was a lump of broccoli. Now he is figuring out where he wants things and what he needs to do to get them there! My little guy is growing up!


Cloud said…
Go, Pookie!

You may remember that we had a heck of a time getting Pumpkin to make the transition to finger foods and sippy cups instead of bottles.

For what its worth, it was the Nuby sippy cups that finally did the trick. Probably because they are almost exactly like a bottle, just with a different shaped "nipple".

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