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Question of the Week - At the Zoo

The rainy, cloudy skies cleared Saturday morning, making it a lovely day for an outdoor activity. It was sunny and warm, but not hot. A perfect day to go to the zoo! We packed up a day bag, put the double stroller in the car, and headed down into the city and to the zoo.

Since the Pumpkin was born, we've been to the DC zoo quite a few times. However, each time it has been hectic at one point or another. Either we leave late after a baby's morning nap and then don't have much time there in the afternoon, or we have to leave early for an afternoon nap. Because of the time crunch, we usually hit a few key spots and then go. This time, with one child who doesn't nap and the other who has napped in a stroller, we thought things might be different, though we were ready to be flexible.

We got there a little before 11:00 and saw the lions and tigers lying around looking beautiful. Then, we stopped in the restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we decided to stroll all the way to the top of the zoo (the DC zoo is on a big hill, and we usually park at the bottom). After all, neither Londo nor I could remember the last time we saw the animals at the top of the hill other than the Bird House. We usually were busy hitting other spots in our targeted visits.

By the time we got to the top of the hill, the Pookie had fallen asleep in the stroller. I got the Pumpkin out so we could walk around and see the cheetah and zebras, while Londo continued to stroller the napping Pookie. And then we continued down the path to so many other animals!

What a blast we had! The Pumpkin walked or rode on my back in a piggy-back ride. We took the time to visit houses that we had passed by in the past and to go down smaller paths to see animals like the giant anteater or the gibbons. Once the Pookie woke up (after about 45 minutes!), the Pumpkin went back in the double stroller with him, they had a snack, and we continued down the path all the way to the bottom to visit Amazonia, a house I'd never even been to before!

It was a beautiful day, and we all had so much fun. What a difference it is to be able to spend a leisurely, full day at the zoo seeing whatever we want. Not only did we get to see our favorite animals, but we got to see many others that we normally don't get the opportunity to see.

This week's question of the week is:

What is your favorite animal at the zoo? Or what is your kids' favorite animal(s)?

My favorite is the tiger, so we always make a point to walk around the great cats' habitat. My second favorite is the elephant, and we usually see them out in their yard, too.

My daughter says her favorite is the monkey, although at the DC zoo we see the orangutans, gorillas and gibbons, all of which she loves to see. We especially love to see the baby gorilla, Kibibi, with her mommy. She says her second favorite is the zebra, and we saw three of those at the zoo.

I think my son's favorite was the gibbon, since he kept pointing to the gibbon hanging and swinging at the top of the net over their yard, babbling excitedly at us and the gibbon. I think he would have liked the elephants, but he was sleeping when we saw them. Oh, he did also get really excited about the gorillas, sitting up and widening his eyes when he saw the first one in the yard.

What about you and your kids? What are you favorite animals at the zoo? Do you get to go much? Are you at a point where you can enjoy a whole day out there or anywhere?


Becoming Mommy said…
We can't spend a whole day out anywhere. But that's because of me, not Sasha.
His preferred hang-out is the Air and Space museum. Which we go to frequently.
paola said…
We went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago while we were back in Melbourne but I didn't really enjoy the experience much. We went with my brother's family and a cousin and her kids and my kids seemed to be more interested in running around with their cousins than seeng the animals. I did think the animals looked pretty bored and depressed actually so I can understand why. A few weeks earlier we actually visited a wild-life sanctuary which everyone enjoyed far more. The animals seemd a bit happier in their quasi natural environment, and there was hardly anyone there, which also helped.

I like the great apes and pygmy hippos the best and of the Aussie animals I'm a sucker for the wombats and platypus. Of course the kids loved the kangeroos and koalas, which they rarely get to see. Oh and the butterflies in the butterfly enclosure were a huge hit too.
nej said…
When we were kids, we would visit my grandmother and walk to the DC zoo from her apt, which was just up the road on Connecticut Ave. So last time we were there for a wedding, I made sure to take E to the zoo that I enjoyed so much as a child.

As much as I agree with paola that the animals sometimes seem depressed or neurotic (the cheetahs at the Denver zoo break my heart) for the most part we enjoy the zoo and go a few times a month as it is a very pretty zoo with lots of trees and it is only 25 minutes away. Also, since it's been under construction - they're building a 20 acre elephant park - E has enjoyed watching the diggers up close, behind the safety of the glass.

My favorite animal? Honestly, I love them all except for the hyenas. Last time we got to see the baby orangutan and she was my favorite. The time before that, the young and playful sea lion was my favorite. Before that? The adolescent giraffe who frapped all over and had us howling with laughter was the winner. I guess I love whatever new baby is out :)
mom2boy said…
The zoo is an outing we can both enjoy. Tate feeding the giraffe crackers is my favorite part. Riding the sky ride seems to be his. I have to say that seeing the monkeys in their exhibit after seeing them living wild in Costa Rica was pretty depressing. Baby orangutans are so, so cute!
Zenmoo said…
I live six minutes drive from the Perth Zoo. My parents gave me a Zoo membership for my birthday - we've been once so far and I'm planning to go next week (after school holidays!) It's a lovely zoo - very 'open' with lots of nice, shady paths. When we went last month, Moo was most impressed by the Sun Bear. It came right up to the glass so she was nose to nose to it! My plan next time is to hit the Australian walk- through to check out some kangaroos and wallabys and also the reptile house (because I really like the lizards and snakes!)

I'm also quite excited to go to the Sydney Aquarium later this month. I think lots of moving fish will attract Moo's attention. And I'm hoping for jellyfish.
Cloud said…
Pumpkin loves the flamingos- those are the one animal we always have to see. Luckily, they are right by the entrance at the San Diego Zoo.

Petunia hasn't been to the zoo since she's been old enough to have an opinion. Hmmm. Maybe we should fix that!

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