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Showing posts from February 28, 2010

A Grammar PSA

Today is National Grammar Day!

I love grammar. I'm a geek like that (and in other ways, too). It certainly stems from my love of language and writing. But not only do I love grammar, I'm really very good at it. I got my undergrad degree as an English major, and my graduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. I started my IT career as a technical writer. To this day at work, I'm called The Grammar Queen. During document reviews, I'm the one who always does the grammar check while reviewing.

In fact, I can't help but notice grammar mistakes whenever I read, including published books which have been through a gazillion reviews and edits.

Don't be scared, though! I may notice the mistakes, but I will point them out only if you ask me to. Not only that, I fully believe in different levels of writing, some of which don't have to adhere to grammar standards like text messaging/IMing. And in blogging, emailing and other forms of casual writing? I totally be…

Like Father, Like Daughter

I am more and more amazed all the time at how much my daughter is like my husband. In looks, everyone says she is a mini-me. She has my features and hair, although she does have my husband's skin and eye color. But personality? SO much like him.

The other night, I got home just barely in time for dinner (which is 5:30 in our house because the kids go to bed so early these days). I took over the responsibility of feeding the Pookie, and Londo set up the Pumpkin with dinner (which she actually ate for once). Usually, we try to have Family Dinner, but this night was a lax night. I spent the time watching my husband while I ate, feed the baby and watched my daughter eat.

First of all, he didn't eat dinner. He had a late lunch so wasn't hungry. This is fairly typical for him. It is an early time for adults to eat dinner, and it is not unusual for him to wait until after the kids are asleep to eat, usually around 7:30 or 8:00. I do that sometimes, too. He has also been known to …

Question of the Week - Let's Get Physical

Yesterday, I got my hair cut short and styled in a bob.

This may not sound like a huge deal to you if you don't know me IRL. But prior to cutting 11 inches off for Locks of Love, I had long hair for over 20 years.

I was the girl with the long (usually brown) hair.

It was part of my identity, that long, wavy hair of mine that I could make curly or straight. It was the hair I wanted growing up, the hair I loved once I had it, the hair I will again have in the future. But not just yet.

Afterall, I've spent the last 20 some years seeing cute hair styles for short hair, yet never getting them. So as long as my hair is short-ish, I want to take advantage of it. And it's super cute, in a chin-to-shoulder length bob with chunky layers. I can hardly believe it's me in the mirror!

Is there something about being a mom that makes us want to cut off our hair? Do you fathers out there go through the same thing? I can't imagine having this short and styled hair is easier than my lo…