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Participate in a Breastfeeding Study

Calling all current and past breastfeeding moms! An online friend of mine, Stacy, is working on a study of the cultural differences in breastfeeding. Would you be willing to share some anecdotal stories? Go here for more information. If you are willing to participate, you can contact Stacy at

That's all I've got for today. The Pumpkin and I are both home sick. Her fever is gone, but mine is still hanging around. How silly I am for thinking sicknesses would be confined to the wintertime. Why did no one warn me about "summer viruses"?

Underwear at Night

At the risk of jinxing it, I'm going to post now about our recent nighttime potty training/learning. I'm going to skip the going-to-bed part of my nighttime stories, cause I'm not quite ready to write about what we are doing about bedtime yet. But there is more the nights than just bedtime...

The Pumpkin has been wearing pull-ups to bed for a long while now. The two weeks prior to this week, she was waking up with a dry diaper. Not only that, but she was actually using the potty and changing into underwear once she got up, instead of getting up and refusing the potty to just pee in her diaper as had happened previously.

Two weeks of not peeing in the pull-up seemed pretty consistent. So last weekend, we finally pulled the trigger, and she got to wear her underpants to bed! How exciting! What a big girl she is! You see how we talked it up. We'd even been telling her for months that at some point she would get to wear underpants to bed.

The weekend went great. She woke up…

That Is One Mean Mommy

Sunday night, the Pumpkin and I were playing in her room with her dolls and dollhouse before bed. I was trying to get her to put the dolls to bed in the dollhouse and then go to bed herself. She was insisting the dolls weren't tired, and she wasn't either.

I had the "big sister" doll, and she had the "mommy" doll. This was the conversation the dolls had:

caramama as Big Sister Doll: Oh, Mommy. I'm so tired. I'm going to go up and go to bed now.
Pumpkin as Mommy Doll: No, you do not go to bed now.
caramama as Big Sister Doll: But I'm so tired. Can't I please go up and go to sleep?
Pumpkin as Mommy Doll: No, you cannot. If you go up, then a monster is going to get you and hurt you and eat you up! And you will be very sad!
caramama as herself, trying to stifle laughter: Oh, Pumpkin. Mommy's don't say that. Mommy's never say that to their kids!
Pumpkin as Mommy Doll: Yes I do! And the monster is big and scary and it will get you! So you be…

Oceans of Time

I watch my daughter run
in the surf, the waves
chasing her up the gentle
slope, wet sand clinging
to her legs, curls bouncing
behind her head, laughing
with every step. I watch
her, I see myself.

I look out at the ocean
stretched over the edge
of the horizon. The sun
sparkles on the water,
reflects its light and heat.
I hold my son against my hip,
I feel his weight and warmth.
I recall holding my daughter
on the same beach, in the same
sling. In another year,
he will be running along
side his sister, building
sand castles, searching for
seashells, discovering the
rhythms of the sea.

My mother held me on her hip
as a babe, looking out at
the endless expanse of ocean,
sand hot beneath her feet. I
ran with wet legs, sandy feet,
bouncing curls through the surf,
away from the waves. I played
on the beach and in the waves
with my sister and brother.
When I got older, I laid out
on towels, tanning in the sun,
chatting with friends and family.

Time stretches forward and
backward. My past mingles with
my …

Question of the Week - How Many Kids?

There has been talk lately about how many kids people are having (see the talk in posts by Moxie (comments section), hush, Cloud, to name a few).

Though there are lots of answers on those posts and comments, I'm asking the question out right here for this week's Question of the Week:

In an ideal world, how many kids are you going to have?

I say "an ideal world" because of my intimate familiarity with infertility. I know there are some out there who want more and are having problems with conceiving and/or carrying another child or even a first child. BTDT.

But for the sake of pretend, let's say that fertility is not an issue. How many kids would you have?

My answer: Hmmm. My answer...

Well, before I had kids, I almost always wanted three kids. I was the youngest of three, as was my husband. I am used to three. I like the dynamics of three. Three is comfortable to me. And heck, if my parents had stopped at two, I wouldn't be here!

There was a short period of time…