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Starting School with a Peanut Allergy

Yesterday, I ordered my daughter's medical alert ID bracelet. I ordered her name engraved on the front of the ID part of the bracelet, and on the back, I ordered the following:
Peanut Allergy
Use EpiPen
Call 911 then
Call Dad: (Londo's cell)

I let her pick out the one she wanted, emphasizing the fact that this was a special bracelet which she would wear to school every day. She picked the one with pink hearts and white beads. It's very pretty, and she says she'll wear it and seems excited about it. But it's also so scary to me.

The Pumpkin will be starting at the Montessori school on August 31st. I am excited about this pre-school for so many reasons. I really think the Montessori method will be a good fit for the Pumpkin, and this school really impressed me with their facilities, their program, their teachers and staff, and well everything.

The only real concern I have, and it is a major one, is that the school is not a nut-free school. The Pumpkin will be in a nut-free…

Midwives for Bloggy Book Club

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to host an online book club discussion for those who were interested. Well, today is the day for the book discussion about Midwives!

Originally, I was just going to host it here. But then it occured to me that I was writing my review of the book to start the discussion, and I was concerned about putting possible spoilers on this blog, where people might be scrolling down to read other things and happen to see something that would spoil their enjoyment of a book I highly recommend. So I decided to put my review, and hopefully host a discussion, over on my review site.

Please come participate in a discussion about Midwives.

If you haven't read the book Midwives, by Chris Bohjalian, I highly recommend it. I truly enjoyed this book and will be thinking about it for a long time. If you do read it, stop by the discussion to join in at any time!

DC Area Grown Ups Lunch

DC area people! The results are in, and I'm calling it!

August 2010 DC Area Grown Ups Get Together:

When: August 28, 11:00
Where:Gordon Biersch in Tyson's Corner II, McLean
Who: Any grown ups in the area who want to get together with other parents and actually talk instead of chase kids around the whole time. Also, little babies are welcome.
How to Find Us: I'll put the table under "Cara" so just ask the hostess to seat you with us.
What Do I Need to Do? Let me know in the comments here or via email (caramamamia at gmail dot com) if you are coming so I can get a table big enough.

I'm really excited to get together! I hope everyone can make it. We are going to do a get together with all the kids in September or October... or maybe both! But this is our chance to hang with and actually talk with other adults/parents in the area.

Question of the Week - How Does Your Garden Grow

My sister has a share in one of those coop farms. She doesn't do the planting or tending or even the picking of vegetables. The place where she has her share takes care of all that. She goes every other week to the farm, selects the allotted amounts of veggies from what is set out in the barn, and then goes to the "Pick Your Own" fields to pick herbs and flowers. I've been with her once before, I think about a year ago. I brought the Pumpkin to run around with her daughter, who goes with her every week.

Well, this week my sister is on vacation, so she offered me the share at the farm. Londo, the Pumpkin, the Pookie and I all drove the 15 minutes out to the farm on Saturday morning. It was so much fun! The veggies look delicious, and the Pumpkin helped pick out which cucumbers and green peppers we took. Londo picked herbs--all sorts of herbs that make me just want to cook all day long! The Pookie hung out mostly in my sling while the Pumpkin and I picked flowers, incl…