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Showing posts from August 29, 2010

Question of the Week - Class is in Session

I'm so excited for my daughter to start at the Montessori school tomorrow! Wait... tomorrow? YIKES! I'm not ready! Hopefully she is ready. At least mentally and emotionally, because I don't have any of her things ready to go with her.

I was going to take her out to get school supplies this weekend, but the Pookie got sick on Friday afternoon so we stayed in pretty much all weekend. Plus I don't even know what she'll need. I feel like I should know, but juggling one sick kid and one kid with pent-up energy has kept me from checking any school lists and ready all the back-to-school information. Tonight is Back To School night, though, so hopefully they will tell me everything I need to know with enough for me to run by a store and pick up last minute things for the first day.

Luckily, the first day on Tuesday is a half day, so I've been figuring we can go together to the store in the afternoon and get anything she needs. I do love shopping for school supplies! It…