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Showing posts from September 5, 2010

Repeated Sicknesses

Over the last three weeks, the Pookie and the Pumpkin keep getting sick. Especially the Pookie. Three weeks ago on Firday, I got called to pick him up early from school because he had a fever. He got better over the weekend, but I was called the following Thursday because he got a fever again. And then again on the following Thursday! Not to mention that the Pumpkin got a fever between the Pookie's first two, and then this past weekend as well. And of course once her fever was gone, the Pookie threw up... twice... on our seven hour car trip home.

It's especially hard to solo parent when one or both kids are sick. I'm a person who gets stir-crazy sitting around the house for a couple days, so when I was by myself with one sick kid and another with pent-up energy for two weekends in a row? I nearly went mad! Let me just say thank goodness for my parents, who let me bring the sick kids over to their house on that Sunday to just have a change of scenery!

We had brought my daugh…

Question of the Week - What Would You Write About?

Well, it's been a pretty crazy busy time for me. For the majority of the previous three weeks, I have been the solo parent to the two kids, the caretaker of the dog, cat and house (and sometimes the garden, which I didn't kill off thankyouverymuch!), and a worker full time (mostly) out of the house at a really busy time in my project. On top of it all, I'm still trying to be there for my husband, as well as my family and my friends. Add in the sicknesses that seem to be plaguing my house, and, well, I've had little time for writing posts or even reading and commenting on my favorite blogs.

I don't think I'm alone in my business or inability to write about everything that I want to write about. So this week's Question of the Week is:

What have you been planning to or want to write about if you had time (and a blog, for those of you who don't)?

Here are some things I hope to post on soon, but if I don't at least I'm mentioning it here:
- I am feeling…