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In Love with a Boy

I always knew I would love having a daughter. Being one of those females that was part girly-girl (loved pink, dressing up and Barbies) and part tomboy (loved climbing trees, playing superheros and watching football), I figured that I would be able to connect with my daughter no matter what she liked to do. Plus, there were cute dresses and unicorns and dollhouses that we'd get her!

But having a son? That made me a bit nervous. Not a lot nervous, because I have always loved hanging out with the guys. But a bit nervous because everyone said that they are full of energy, are so physical and not as emotionally sensitive as girls. After having my daughter who is full of energy and very physical, I became less nervous still. But it didn't change the fact that I wasn't sure just how I'd feel about having a boy.

I didn't realize was just how much I would love having a son.

I knew I would love him and that I would even enjoy raising a boy. But I just didn't know how much. Because I am loving it, and him, SO VERY MUCH!

My mom told me that having a boy is like having a little boyfriend. You've got this little guy to cuddle and kiss, a little man to go with you to the store or park or wherever, a guy who's face lights up when he sees you.

But I find I'm much more forgiving to my son that I would be to a boyfriend. For instance, I laugh when the Pookie sticks his hands down my shirt or nuzzles my breasts, even if we are around other people. That would not have been okay for a boyfriend. Or the fact that I think it's funny that he sticks his hands down his pants (except during teething phases when I know his hands will shortly be going in his mouth--that's when we make sure he's got a onsie on). The only other time I thought that was funny was when Al Bundy would do it on Married with Children.

Although my little guy LOVES my breasts and thinks nothing of sticking his hands in his diaper, I think the world of him. And to put modesty aside, I know he thinks the world of me. Without my doing anything specific (or perhaps it's more honest to say doing anything different from what I did with the Pumpkin), the Pookie is a mama's boy. And I'm loving every second of it!


Jac said…
I have a mama's boy and I love it too. I know what you mean about having a little boyfriend. I am already a little teeny weeny bit jealous of his future girlfriends because I love being the center of his world.
mom2boy said…
:) Little boys hold special places in their mommies hearts.

And while Tate doesn't really grab my boobs, he did for the longest time stick his hand down the front of my shirt when he'd get nervous or shy. I'd be holding him and someone would come up to us and start talking and he'd jam his hand down the front of my shirt. Not awkward at all. lol
hush said…
Agree with all of the above - mamas & sons seem to have a special kind of bond. And I think the same is true with daddies & daughters. But of course there are exceptions, and every kid and every parent is different, obviously.

The good news is gender roles are shifting so much in society today that even people who didn't get the gender they wished for can pursue any activity they want to with a kid of either sex. I'm thinking of my friend who was so desperate to have a girl, but instead had 2 boys - she used to think she'd never get to have a tea party or help plan a wedding - she's seeing that those old "rules" don't hold true anymore, which is awesome.
Karen said…
I completely agree - I lurve my boys immensely. There's just something special about them.
Cloud said…
Since I only have girls, I can't really relate- but I'm glad you're loving having a little boy!
SarcastiCarrie said…
I have two little boyfriends. One of them tells me I am beautiful, and that he loves my soft tummy because it's so soft. I'm sure teh Oedipal thing will end some day and I will be sad, but for now, I love it.
Meghan said…
I know just what you're talking about. I feel exactly the same way! And the "little boyfriend" analogy?? Never heard it before, but that's perfect! He's definitely the best boyfriend I ever had... sorry, DH!

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