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Worst Dream Ever

Well hello April!

Remember when I said that work was killing me but I thought things were calming down? They weren't. It's just been one thing after another.

But last weekend, we released the redesigned system! Yeah! And though it was a TON of hard work, I am really proud of what my team has done. We have really improved a system that is critical for the Agency where I work. We have made it easier for people to do their jobs. We have worked with users to make sure their needs are met by the new system. And we have raised the bar for all the other systems where I work. :-)

The release didn't go smoothly, of course. It rarely does. But because of some constraints, it almost went really poorly. In fact, Friday night we were considering rolling back and delaying the release, which would have caused all sorts of problems. We decided to regroup the next morning.

That night, I had the worst dream of my life. And that is saying something, because in the winters my increase of melatonin gives me really vivid dreams, and my depression and anxiety tend to make the vivid dreams mostly nightmares. I've been in war zones, I've been hunted by snipers, I've been chased by a shark, I've had crazy time limits to do important things, I've had ugly fights with close friends, and goodness knows what else.

Friday night my bad dream went from having problems with the release, to being naked in public, to the worst of all... my son almost drowning. Truly, that was the most awful dream I've had my whole life. I barely got there in time to perform CPR and get him breathing again.

I can't even think about it anymore. And I'm really mad at my psyche! As if I haven't had horrible dreams for a good chunk of my life, my subconscious now knows just how to hit me the hardest. My children.

The good news is that my developers worked late Friday night, so when we re-grouped Saturday morning they had a fix for us to test. We were able to release the fix on Saturday, and the new system was available for users Monday morning!

And now I'm taking a few days off to get a bit of my life back and mostly spend time with my children while their school is off for spring break!


hush said…
Nightmares like that can be so scary!! Glad to hear the kinks all got worked out with the new system.
Burgh Baby said…
Enjoy your days off!
mom2boy said…
Those are the worst dreams! I'm sorry you had such a bad one.

Enjoy spring break with your kids! :)
Anonymous said…
you poor thing! : ( talk about it pouring when it rains. The last nightmare i had involving the kids was G grinding up and snorting oxycotin O_o

SO glad the release made it for Monday:YAY! and hears to hoping for a long peaceful break in the action for you.

Melba said…
Congrats on finishing your big project! Feels good to get stuff done, hey? I hope you and your team went out and celebrated!

I had a dream once that Rosie was abducted. It was the most horrible dream ever. It took me several days to shake the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm shuddering just thinking about it.
Cloud said…
What an awful dream!

When I'm deep into a project or something, I tend to dream about whatever I'm working on. The weirdest were the ones I had when I was studying for my quantum mechanics final.

Anyway, I'm glad your project is done! Enjoy the time off!

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