Friday, September 9, 2011

Dinosaur Shorts

The other morning I was getting the Pookie out of his crib and marveling at how much of a boy my 2 year old is. I said to him, "My boy, my boy! You are such a little boy now! What happened to my baby?"

He looked at me with his big, blue-green eyes and said the words I wanted to hear so badly, "I your baby."

"You are?" I just about squealed, as I nuzzled into his neck. "You're my baby?"

"Yeah," he nodded and he cuddled into me. "I your baby T Rex."

And you know what I said to that? "I'll take it!"

As my husband later pointed out, when the Pookie pretends to be Baby T Rex (a regular game of pretend in our house), he is especially cuddly. Also, I will take the cuddles and babying any way I can.


My kids love dinosaurs, and not just as a rain coat. The kids regularly pretend to be dinosaurs, especially T Rexes and Baby T Rex. They like to stomp around and roar. They also have a couple of little dinosaur toys that they play with. We also have a really great dinosaur book that they, especially the Pookie, loves to read and push the button that makes the T Rex roaring and stomping sounds.

One morning over this last weekend, the Pookie brought me the dinosaur book with some other books, and I sat there reading out the names of the dinosaurs, which he and his sister attempted to repeat. Some of these names are so funny to me, because it sounds like someone simply added "osaurus" to the end of a descriptive term. For example, there is the giganotosaurus, who is one of the largest (or most gigantic) of all the dinosaurs, even bigger than the T Rex. And there is also the Spinosaurus, who had (can you guess it?) spines on his back!

The Pumpkin started telling me about other "dinosaurs," ones that she was obviously making up. There was the Circleosaurus, who was the shape of a circle! And the Dinnerosaurus, who really liked to eat his dinner. I of course added the Kidosaurus, which was my kids when they were dinosaurs!


My kidosauruses have been loving that show Dino Dan. It's a cute show, although it makes me wonder if older kids hallucinate too.

Hallucinations or not, the show is actually making it tricky for me to explain that dinosaurs are no longer alive on this planet. We seriously have enough arguments about whether or not trolls and other monsters exist (and are in the Pumpkin's room at night when the lights are off). And I'm still working on how I know things don't exist or if I've just never seen one.

(By the way, THANKS Tinkerbell's The Great Fairy Rescue! No, I've never seen a fairy, and no, I don't really believe they exist. But just because I've never seen one doesn't mean they don't exist, right little girl in the movie Lizzie who proves to her father that they do exist and he feels bad for doubting her? This totally validates for my daughter her getting upset about going to school because she is waiting to see if fairies come to the fairy house she built them. Sigh...)

But the kids, they love Dino Dan. When it comes on, my son goes, "Eh Dino Dan! Eh Dino Dan!" And they've come up with fun pretend games based on the show.

I don't mind the show in half-hour doses, but Dan is so obsessed with dinosaurs, I'm not sure I could be around him much in real life.


mom2boy said...

Have they seen Dinosaur Train on PBS? Tate liked that one for a while. Beware the marketing tie-ins, though. :)

I love that Pookie said he's your baby still. I'd totally take a baby T-rex, too! And a cuddly one at that!

We are swamped by dinosaurs here. I danced around the extinction part, too, for a while but finally had to tell him when he started becoming obsessed with going somewhere to see real ones. They had a dinosaur exhibit at the zoo and Dinosaur World, a theme park with a bunch of dinosaur statues all over, isn't far from our house. He makes up his own dinosaurs, too. He is convinced there is one that lives on the sun that is bigger than the planet. So, your daughter and her belief in imaginary things is completely understandable. :)

paola said...

What is it about (particularly) boys and dinosaurs? Noah just can't get enough of them, but I recently discovered that he is only interested in the reconstructed version in books and museums and not the bones and fossils that Fascinate me (amateur paleontologist/anthropologist that i am).

We went to the Natural History Museum recently to see a dinosaur exhibition with a complete skeleton of a diplodocus and plenty of bass relief type fossils of prehistorical reptiles and the kids just flew through the exhibition in 10 minutes searching for the robotic dinosaurs, which btw, freaked the sh.t out of them! They made a brief stop at the video showing a reconstructed sea dwelling creature and then where out of there. I'm sure they would have appreciated it more if they were a bit older, as I did.

When your kids are a bit older, I highly recommend 'Walkign with dinosaurs' a BBC docoin 6 parts that strts with the earliest dinos and ends with the extinction. Noah has seen it 3 times and just loves it. It is a bit scary though so wait until Pookie is at least 4 or so.

hush said...

OMG - "I your baby... TRex" is just too friggin' CUTE!!!

DD likes us to ask her what a dinosaur says, then she roars. ;) DS is almost 4 but still hasn't caught the dino bug yet.

paola said...

Sorry,more typos than usual. I blame hubby's Ipad.

Cloud said...

Pumpkin likes Dino Dan, too. Petunia's never seen it- it is on during her naptime, and that's one that we don't record, we just watch live sometimes.

I've been struggling lately to explain the following line from "7 8 9" by Barenaked Ladies, about vampires:

"without their canines, how will they suck?"

Trying to explain vampires, the fact that they don't actually exist, and why they suck, and what canines have to do with this in a way that satisfies Pumpkin without scaring her has so far eluded me.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, a cuddly baby t-rex! That's too cute.

Mine haven't gotten into dinosaurs, other than the infrequent request for Dinosaur Train. Right now they're all about the Backyardigans, which I like - I've noticed a definite upscaling of their imaginary worlds since they began watching it. Now when we go places, they are on the search for the perfect cup of tea, or want to go surfing, or make pies, and Libra tells knock-knock jokes (sort of; he often forgets the punch line).

Anandi said...

@Cloud - we had to stop listening to "7 8 9" from BNL because it was making BabyT count wrong ;) It took weeks of deprogramming to get her to include 9 when counting to 10. hehe.

Erin said...

My 3 y.o. loves Dinosaur train too. (You can get some episodes on netflix - we do all our video watching on netflix streaming.)

Have you seen Mo Willems's fabulous "Edwina, the Dinosaur who didn't know she was extinct"? My kiddo adores it. (All Mo Willems, but esp this one and the new Amanda & her alligator).

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