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Showing posts from April 17, 2011

Worst Dream Ever

Well hello April!

Remember when I said that work was killing me but I thought things were calming down? They weren't. It's just been one thing after another.

But last weekend, we released the redesigned system! Yeah! And though it was a TON of hard work, I am really proud of what my team has done. We have really improved a system that is critical for the Agency where I work. We have made it easier for people to do their jobs. We have worked with users to make sure their needs are met by the new system. And we have raised the bar for all the other systems where I work. :-)

The release didn't go smoothly, of course. It rarely does. But because of some constraints, it almost went really poorly. In fact, Friday night we were considering rolling back and delaying the release, which would have caused all sorts of problems. We decided to regroup the next morning.

That night, I had the worst dream of my life. And that is saying something, because in the winters my increase of melat…