Friday, January 6, 2017

So That I Have Breakfast

The two mornings (before today) had gone pretty well. The kids weren't arguing, and yesterday they even got ready before I told them to! In fact, we did so well getting out of the house, we were able to handle a last-minute change to our carpooling.

This morning was not as good. Luckily, it was mostly they were just moving slow. Sooooo ssssllllooooowwwww. hehe.

So there I am, dashing around like mad, trying to get them to brush their teeth already, and finally, I look at them and say, "Do you know what gets cut out of the mornings when we are running behind? You know that I make sure you get dressed and brushed and eat breakfast and have a lunch and pack your bags. But do you realize what I don't do on mornings when we are rushed?"

They looked at me with questioning eyes. They honestly couldn't think of what was missing from rushed mornings.

"My breakfast. I don't eat MY breakfast when we are running behind." I told them. "This morning, I am hungry. So please just brush your teeth and let's get downstairs."

As they headed towards different bathrooms to brush, I told them not only that I was hungry but that I was struggling with a headache and eating helps my headaches.

Recently, my son has asked me or Londo to time him brushing his teeth. He doesn't think the timer on his toothbrush is accurate, so he likes us to use our timers (on our phones). He started to ask me to time him, but then quickly, on his own, stopped himself and said, "Never mind, Mommy. I'll use my toothbrush timer. While I brush my teeth, you should go downstairs and get breakfast."

Awwww. How sweet! My daughter quickly backed him up, telling me to go downstairs. Usually, they dislike being upstairs (or on any floor of the house) by themselves and beg me to stay up with them. This morning, their empathy prevailed! (Plus they were both upstairs, so no one was alone on the floor.)

When I went down, I of course started making their breakfasts and getting their lunches set. Because I'm a parent, therefore I put their needs before my own. But when my son came down, he immediately took over preparing his breakfast and asked if he could fix me a breakfast! My daughter came downstairs at that time and said she was about to do the same thing!

I was really touched. I told them that I would rather they get their own breakfasts and eat--their eating breakfast would make me feel better. But then, I made my own instant oatmeal. I was able to eat it while I was fixing their lunches. I made my coffee to go, as usual, because I didn't have enough time to drink that before leaving, but I DID get to eat!

Their empathy for me this morning was really heart warming. They made sure that I had eaten before we left the house. Sure, they were loud as we left because they'd forget I had a headache, but they really do care about me. Even in the mornings.

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