Monday, November 26, 2007

Question of the Week - 5 Authors

If you could read only five authors for the rest of your life, which would they be? (These must be published authors, not online authors.)

My answers:
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Robert Frost
William Shakespeare
Jane Austin
Jo Beverly (I've gotta have some romance novels!)


ImpostorMom said...

What's that? Reading? That seems vaguely familiar.

Um, well back when I used to read I would say.

Jennifer Weiner
Tom Robins
Nick Hornby
JK Rowling
Rebecca Woolf (I know that's online reading but her book comes out in March so there :P)

caramama said...

Yeah, I guess Rebecca does count. I can't wait for her book to come out!

And I can't believe JK Rowling isn't on my list! She's number 6, I guess.

Jo B said...

Wow, when I'm in company like that I have to comment. Thank you!

That's one tough question. For example, if I choose dead authors like Georgette Heyer and Dorothy Dunnett I know I'll have a bunch of good reading but nothing new. The same may go for Rowling, because I'm not sure she'll write anything else.

But newer authors,like Linnea Sinclair, might be writing new books for me for the rest of my life, but might not. Or might start writing things I don't like...

You see, I can always worry a topic right into a hole.

Jo :)

caramama said...

I'm not quite sure how to react to the fact that one of my favorite authors just posted a comment on my blog...

Do I play it cool? (Hey, Jo. Love your books. Let's do lunch next time you're in the DC area.) Do I let out how I'm really feeling inside? (OMG! OMG! JO BEVERLY JUST COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!!!) Hmmm... Maybe I can find some middle ground...

Hey, Jo! I'm so excited you commented on my blog! I love your books--in fact, yours are the few romance books I reread and enjoy every time. I don't know that I've read anything by Linnea Sinclair, so I'll have to try something by her. Thanks for the comment!

Londo said...

I would choose (in no particular order):

- Shakespeare
- Hemingway
- Robert Ludlum
- Twain
- Plato

I realize all of these folks are dead (even though Ludlum still manages to publish a book or two per year, posthumously;) But I haven't stopped reading and re-reading them for 20 years.

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