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Don't Drink the Water

An interesting thing happened in my county on Sunday night. There was a water main break in the county water line, which resulted in the loss of water pressure and water service to some areas. Because of the possibility of contamination associated with loss of water pressure, we were under a "Boil Water Advisory." We had to use only boiled or bottled water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, preparing food and washing hands.

In some ways, I felt like we were transported into the past. We kept bowls of the boiled (and cooled) water next to sinks so we could use that to wash our hands, brush our teeth and wash our faces. You know, like they used to have back before running water. I excitedly suggested we use the antique water jugs and basins I have collected, because that is exactly what they were for. Londo gently reminded me that they are antiques that I love and have in the guest room as decor and I would be very upset if something happened to them. But the point is that this is how people used to live.

And it sucks. The water gets cold when sitting in a bowl, and I hate cold water. We could have showered, but we'd have to wash off our hands and face with the boiled (and cooled) water afterwards. Oh, and we were supposed to reduce water usage, so showering and flushing the toilet were things we tried not to do. The baby drinks her bath water, so she could not have a bath with the water from the tap. So she went without a bath last night. So we are all a little dirty and the dishes are piling up in the kitchen. Lovely.

They have fixed the issue, but the Boil Water Advisory remains in effect for now. Hopefully, we will be back to running water soon. Especially since we just got a new water heater that I want to take full advantage of!

On the bright side, my office closed yesterday afternoon and today. I guess they realized that it's a little less than sanitary to not be able to wash your hands, and there is no way to boil water in the office. I'm working from home, something I used to do regularly but haven't been able to do much since moving to this project. We are back in the office tomorrow though... just in time for more meetings.


- Dana said…
That's not fun to deal with. Reminds me when we had our kitchen redone last year. It made us VERY thankful for our house and all the amenities we have. When you go 2 months living on one floor of your house with a make-shift kitchen in the guest room/bathroom and newly toddler running around during the cold's not fun! We got cabin fever! I'm thankful for having a kitchen and not having to live in an apartment.

Hope your water situation clears up soon!
Anonymous said…
I hate going without a shower. I would probably just be a big wimp about it--call up someone in the unaffected area and ask them to come shower at their house for the day.
paola said…
Oh, you know what, they mentioned that on the news today(or was it yesterday) here in Italy. I didn't take much in though , but did think, I wonder if that will effect Caramama. They always have some stuff about the States here, bushfires, black-outs, high-school shootings unfortunately, but normally I don't know anyone that they have happened to ( fortunately).
I'm with you! The MoCo water main break = major buzz kill. We were barely outside of the boil water advisory. Hope that all is well at your house soon.
La folle maman said…
I was thinking about you guys yesterday when I heard the report. Seems like you are handling it well. I'd be out of my mind!
Tranny Head said…
Dude - I'd have been chcking in to the nearest non-boil hotel.
Colleen said…
when I heard the advisory on WTOP, I wondered if you were affected...wasn't sure which county up there you were located in.
and we're a dirty family even without water troubles! our kids only get bathed a few times a week and Justin and I got up a little late this a.m. and had to go the old Polish Shower route... ;)
ImpostorMom said…
that sounds like a colossal pain in the ass

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