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Question of the Week - Autumn is in the Air

Before you read the Question of the Week and thrill me with your answers, why don't you check out my fond reminiscing of babyhood and the cool Online Baby Shower for two awesome bloggers. I was going to make the Question of the Week a continuation of that post and ask you all what your favorite moments or aspects of babyhood were, but then I realized that if you wanted to talk about those things, you could comment in that post where Kristen and Rebecca can find it more easily.

But today is Autumnal Equinox. That means that there is equal amounts of day and night on this day, which happens twice a year (the other is Vernal or Spring Equinox). This day is tough for me because it means that winter is coming, and I will be having less and less daylight. As a person with Seasonal Affective Disorder, that is not good news.

But some of you, including Londo, LOVE the fall! So it's up to you people to cheer me up with your answers to this week's Question of the Week:

What is your favorite thing about the fall?

Mine is the leaves changing color and Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I do get excited about October because of that.

But what else is there? What things to do you love about the autumn?


Rudyinparis said…
Hmmm. I like that I can start baking again, as I don't turn the oven on during the hot months. And I like cooking cold-weather foods, too. Before I had kids, I liked the winter a lot more. Now, with kids, it can be hard to appreciate as it really just translates into being cooped up inside. But I do like the cozy times. The jammies. Hot cocoa. Oatmeal. The steam room at the gym. Where I live, Minneapolis, winter is serious business. Homeless people... well, homeless people need to head to warmer climates during the cold months. This seriousness all lends itself to a type of bonding together in the community, I think. Bars, music shows and restaurants are not so crowded, and there is an air of solidarity shared among the people that braved the elements to get there. I do like that. It suits me. I am of a Northern sensibility, at the core. Inward. Appreciating the look of trees without their leaves. All that said, hopefully this winter will not be so long as the last one.
HeatherY said…
This time of year reminds me of why I live in Georgia. I just love that the weather is cooling down and we can be outside a lot more. Thanksgiving has to be my favorite part of fall. Nothing better than lots of food and tons of family!
Cloud said…
Well, I live in Southern California, so there is still lots of sun for us- the days are shorter, but still sunny! My favorite thing is that the tourists all go home and things get less crowded.

When I lived in New Jersey for awhile, I liked the changing colors on the trees and the crispness in the air.
Becoming Mommy said…
I love seasons.
You see, I didn't grow up with seasons really...just Hurricane Season and Not-Hurricane Season. Everyday was high of 95, low of 75 with a thunderstorm at about 2pm. Seriously.
So I love the added crispness, the smell of damp leaves, colors of the trees...I also love the fall clothes, the uniqueness of the fall holidays (Thanksgiving and Halloween) that are all about fun and togetherness. Not pressure or consumerism.
michelle said…
Top 10 best things about fall in Maryland:

10) Winter squash risotto, red wine pot roast, good smells in the house;
9) Fewer tourists at the zoo;
8) Date night at 6:00 actually feels like a real date because it is dark out;
7)Clothes that flatter (hide) my not-quite-reached-my-fitness-goals shape a little better than shorts and spaghetti straps;
6)more of those "it is PERFECT outside" evenings;
5)Fewer fights with DH over the air conditioning level;
4)autumn orchard-type activities (pumpkin or apple picking, hayrides);
3)the fall foliage and special trips to see the fall foliage;
2)Seeing my kids in their Halloween costumes;
1) fewer and eventually NO mosquitos! I can't wait...
paola said…
A rest from the heat! Have I mentioned how much I hate Milanese summers? I hate how even at 6.00 it is still too freakin hot to take the kids out to the park. Then if you happen to get a day that isn't so hot and venture to said park the mozzies invariably get ya. So bring on Austumn. I love everything else that others like Michelle and Rudyinparis mentioned. I like wearing boots and overcoats and woollen hats. But one thing I hate is having to rug up the kids every time we head outside.
hedra said…
I'm on with the no mosquitos item.

Cool weather and breeze for gardening.

Usually, picking out what bulbs to buy for my mom's birthday (which is in April - I buy and plant in the fall, she gets to enjoy them in the spring)... though this year, unemployment means no bulb fest. Sigh. Next year, maybe!

School is starting to run smoothly, everyone is starting to adapt to the new year, schedules start to settle in.

Hot cocoa starts to sound like a good idea.

Having to huddle in a bit against ep's side when we take a walk. Oh, poor me, I'm chilly. ;)

Leaves changing would make me happier if mine weren't all yellow. Yellow yellow yellow. Stupid silver maples. We'll see how the rowan bush does, this will be its first good year, it should go red.

The asters are doing a bangup job right now - I think I'll get more of those (New England Asters, so they're even natives!). Very cheery.

Migrations. I just enjoy the flocks of geese and the huge skeins of blackbirds (or starlings, not sure, maybe both).

I like how ep looks in a turtleneck, too. Mmmm...
I'm Not Skippy said…
I went on and on about this when you asked our favorite season. For me it all boils down to the smell.

The smell of turning leaves in a nice cool breeze as the sun dries up the last few bits of summer. It reminds me of meeting new people at the start of school, playing outside without being too hot, rolling in the leaves, feeling snuggled in a hooded sweatshirt when that cool breeze comes out, more snuggling under a blanket first thing in the morning (yes, then getting up sucks), and all the other thing Michelle said.

AND my parents are beekeepers so the smell of freshly harvested honeycomb just makes it all flood back. The relief form the heat of the summer.

Especially Halloween!
ImpostorMom said…
cool weather. a whole new crop of cute closed toed shoes to get back out. sweaters. coats and jackets. fuzzy pjs. not sweating to death at the playground (or walking to your car for that matter). apples.

i love fall!
Anonymous said…
Little pesty bugs start to die.

Okay, more positive, the leaves. Being able to take a walk during the day without sweating but not having to have a full winter coat on and being able to open the windows to get some fresh air!
julie said…
The smell. Here in So-cal, it doesn't smell as good as it did in nor-cal......but it still smells different. Plus sweaters and long pants and other bulky items that disguise my lack of fitness being. I like using the heater in the house. I like being able to make homemade soups and stews and chilis.

But mostly, the smell.
Anonymous said…
I buy almost all my clothes in the fall. I love the colors. I splurge a little knowing that I won't like anything I see in the store in the spring.
OneTiredEma said…
Apple picking!

Sleeping with the windows open instead of a/c (hate a/c but need it to sleep in the summer).

Drinking lots and lots of tea.

Wearing long sleeves.

Four perfect letters.

Sweaters? cool nights, warmish days.

The leaves on the trees, the leaves crunching underfoot.

The smell.

Orchards, baking again, warm foods and soups, and hot chocolate.

Fall feels like a season full of hope and possibilities. This maybe lingering optimism from my school year days when it meant the start of a new year. Perhaps this year would be different. It would be perfect. I could make new friends, I wouldn't be teased, I would love my teacher/classes.

My birthday (WOOO HOOO! cause even if I am now getting older - and have reached the age that that is a bad thing - its still MY DAY)


I actually love each season as it comes in, but fall and spring are the most exciting ones.
Kristina said…
I am a big fan of Halloween because I love costumes and chocolate! ALso its more comfortable to do outdoor sports like hiking in Spring and Fall.
paola said…
Oh, and chestnuts (the only nut I am not allergic to)
Mamalooper said…
Fall - I like the sunny but cool weather. Leaves turning. Crisp air so that I can leave the windows open at night (no crazy humidity!).

Always feels like new beginnings - the girl started nursery school and I went back to university v. v. part-time.

Fall shoes (flip flops packed away).

Back on the lack of humidity thing - anything you can do without humidity: run any time of the day, wear sweaters, etc.
wealhtheow said…
I love the crisp air and the cooler temperatures. I love fresh apples, pumpkins, the smell of giant leaf piles, lighting a fire in the evenings and baking all weekend long. I love pulling out my hats and scarves (although I think nix on the latter now that I have a little man who would LOVE to strangle me with a scarf). Basically I love everything about fall. I'm originally from CA, which doesn't really have seasons, even up north, so even after 8 years out here I still get crazy excited about the changing seasons.

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