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Fun at DC BlogHer!

I'm so excited that BlogHer did their Reach Out Tour and came to DC. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet other bloggers and sit in on seminars about blogging. Networking and learning. What more could a blogger geek want?

At the networking breakfast, I met up with Colleen. Shortly after, she introduced me to ClumberKim, who'd I'd seen comment on other blogs I read so it was nice to meet her. I also saw another blogger who I went to high school with and other bloggers who I had met at a bloggers cocktail a month or two ago. Throughout the day, I met many new bloggers, including a brief conversation with Goon Squad Sarah, who was really nice and funny.

As for the sessions, they had two tracks, one for Blogging Basics and the other was all about online community building. You can read the summaries of the sessions by clicking here and clicking the one you are interested in. I went to Online community building as natural promotional tool, Online community building for a cause, and Blogging Basics: Managing information overload.

My only issue with the whole Reach Out Tour in DC--and this is MY issue, not an issue with BlogHer at all--is that there could be only two tracks, and since we are in DC, the track not about Blogging Basics really focused on causes and political action. This makes total sense for the DC area. I just happen to be one of the few people in this area that does not blog for a cause and does not get into politics. And yet, I wasn't really in need of most of the basic blogging tips. But again, this was my very small issue and I knew it when I signed up.

I still learned a lot, discovered some interesting new bloggers, mommybloggers, and blogs for causes I care about. I got some cool swag, good food and great converstations. I got some great tips for dealing with all the information that is coming in to me, and that I am seeking out. I also have some great new ideas for updating my blog. If only I can implement some tips in order to find the time to do it...

All in all, I had a great time and am only sorry that I got to tired to stay to the bitter end of the cocktail hour(s). I am really looking forward to going to another BlogHer conference. But like Colleen says, next time I do anything blogger related, I need to make business cards with my blogs on them so I can hand them out. I think I was one of the few without a card.


It was great to meet you!

I totally understand what you are saying. Maybe next year if we get enough interest we can have three options.
Burgh Baby said…
I wanted to go, and in fact planned to, but then had to go out of town for business. Sucked for me, but glad you were able to have a good time!
z said…
I do not understand how you have time to blog and do everything else that is on your plate. I can still barely write 2 coherent sentences together.

I am glad you had fun at the conference. I think that's pretty neat that they have that.
Colleen said…
I'm so glad you were there for me to hang with! I had a great time and really enjoyed spending time together. And you know what? Your "issue" with only two tracks (beginners or political/philanthropic causes)...I would've loved something else as an option, and I sort of suspect others would've appreciated it as well. :)

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