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Of course we would have been happy either way. I am very close with my sister, and the idea of having sisters is very appealing to me (although I'm also close with my brother, it's just not the same relationship). But it's a nice idea to have a boy and a girl. One of each.

Because, I'm pretty sure I'm done! We won't do any permanent (or semi-permanent) for another four or five years, just in case we do change our minds. I have always thought I wanted three kids... at least before I had any. In another four or five years, I may think I can handle it again. So we'll wait and see, but for now, I'm done!

I will soon post a draft I've been writing about the hardships of pregnancy (to me). I'm sure I've stated before that I don't really enjoy being pregnant. As Londo puts it, it's a means to an end. The point for us was never to be pregnant or even to have a baby. The point was to have a child, to have children.

But in this post let me tell you all a few of the good, exciting things about being pregnant. Because there are good things, even things I enjoy.

Two weeks ago (from today exactly), I felt the baby move for the first time (that I was sure of). I was sitting at my desk at work, feeling uncomfortable due to having chili for lunch, and then I suddenly felt this pushing out of my stomach from the inside. I thought, "That was weird... wait a minute! I know what that was! The baby moved!" I really enjoy feeling the baby move inside me. It's totally something out of Alien, but it's still my baby moving around. And only I know about it, unless I tell someone else (which I often do!).

And last weekend, while snugged in a hotel bed, Londo felt the baby move while his hand was on my stomach. So that's pretty cool. Now he'll be able to enjoy our little boy moving around also.

Another good thing is the 20-week ultrasound. Not only did we get to find out that the baby is a boy, but we got to see the ridges of his spine, the hemispheres of his brain, his arms and hands, his legs and feet and even toes, his heart, his kidneys, his stomach, and his face. It was a regular ultrasound, but Londo and I are pretty good at seeing what is there in the black and white image. This little boy had his hands up to his face and was even sucking his thumb! We got a couple of amazing pictures of that, and they were so perfect, they look like something out of a movie. He also spread his legs wide and gave the perfect view of his boy parts, so there is no doubt he's a boy.

The best part about this whole pregnancy thing (to me) is that I know I'm growing a life inside me. Sure I joke and call it a parasite, but I know it's my and Londo's child. Our son. And he is growing and thriving. Even if I feel like crap, he seems to be doing fine. And that is the most amazing thing. It's my super hero power--I can grow life inside me!


BisBink said…
Congrats again! I am so excited for you, Londo and big sis Pumpkin. The 20-week ultrasound was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant as well. Those pictures make it seem so real, when up until then it seemed so surreal, especially with a 1st pregnancy. Keep enjoying the good aspects of being pregnant, and before you know it your little baby boy will be in your arms.
ImpostorMom said…
Congrats! Y'all are going to love having a boy too. Just make sure you keep that thing covered during diaper changes. :P Oh and those pee pee tepee things, they don't work, just use a cloth diaper or burp cloth.
paola said…
Boys are the BEST!!! After girls, that is. No, love them both. Equally.
OneTiredEma said…
Glad to hear everything is good!

It's been interesting to me to see the whole sibling thing play out from my kids' perspective, since they don't know any differently. So far it's been all the love-love, love-hate one would expect from any combo of genders.

And I've noticed very little in the way of raising them differently (certainly ages 0-2)...any inequities in our house are pretty strictly along birth order lines :-)
Anonymous said…
Hehe! No doubt he's a boy! Love it! So excited for all of you!
Julie said…
Congratulations! boys are amazing. Though any child is a blessing. A few more days, and we'll have two boys in our house!!!
woo hooo and congrats.

when I first found out we were having a boy this thought ran through my head and got stuck 'omg, I have a penis inside me' that was more strange than the idea of a girl... I was familiar with girls... any who!

Trannyhead said…
You'll have so much fun with your son. I know I ADORE mine so I'm biased towards male children and all ... but really ... they're so much fun! :-)
HeatherY said…
Congratulations! One of each is always really sweet. Funny but I always thought I wanted 3 kids until I had one. Now I think 2 is my limit :-)
JAB said…
Congratulations, my dear!
You are super!
Burgh Baby said…
Good grief, woman! I take a few weeks off from reading blogs and this! Congratulations!!!!
Colleen said…
YAY! Congrats! Have you decided on his name for this site?

I agree with ImpostorMom--those pee-pee teepees become airborne, even with a newborn.

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