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Question of the Week - Different Personalities

Update below

First, I'm so excited to announce that one of Londo's and my friends IRL has had her baby about two weeks ago! (I know I'm super late announcing, but I've just not had a good memory lately.) After a difficult pregnancy, which included an extended hospital bedrest, she had Alexandra ("Lexie") at almost 31 weeks. She says Lexie is doing well in the NICU, and I hope she is able to go home with her parents soon.


I'm having so much trouble writing lately. The thing about my SAD that is one of the hardest for me to deal with is that I really lose my creativity and decision-making abilities. There is all sorts of things going on that I would like to write down, but I can't seem to get it out. Both because I don't feel creative enough and because I can't decide what to write or how to write it. Instead, I just don't write more or write only when I force myself (like now).

February is going to be tough for me. March will not be easy. By April, I will start feeling like myself again. But until then, I feel like I have someone else's personality come over me. I've half-joked with Londo that if I took a personality test in the summer and another in the winter, I would have two completely different sets of answers and corresponding personalities.

I've taken Myers-Briggs a few times, many years ago, but I think it pretty accurately reflects my core personality. I'm an ENFP, with the "E" close to the middle. I really believe that in the winter I'm much more introverted than in the summer.

This week's question of the week is:
How would you classify your personality? And does anything cause it to change?

In general, I classify myself as outgoing, friendly, creative, caring, empathetic, smart and fun (notice that modest is not on this list). With the low energy levels I get in the winter, many of those traits are seriously muted. But I don't think my core personality truly changes... much.

What about you? Tell me about yourself...

Paola makes an excellent point... I didn't put in my negative qualities, of which I may have a few. I'm stubborn, moody and often speak too freely and abruptly. Luckily for my husband, these traits also seem muted during the winter, except the moodiness.


paola said…
I'll try to be honest and throw in some negative ones too: friendly; false-shy; adventurous; pig-headed; loyal, no, very loyal; open-minded; independent, need to be right. Classic Aries, in other words ( even if I do not believe horoscopes)
I'm Not Skippy said…
Funny. I like to make myself laugh, even if no one else does. I don't often get stressed—on edge a bit but not stressed. And I'm a geek, I get REALLY into things. I do have a temper. . . I try to keep it back, but it's there.

As a creative professional I find I'm more creative if someone puts a deadline on me. I get bored and lazy and don't want to work (I'm avoiding a catalog design right now), but at some point I'll have to do it. You haven't lost your creativity just your drive to create.

Not to be insensitive, but if it's something you want to do suck it up and start doing it. I have to force myself all the time. On this catalog, by the time I get a template and a couple pages knocked out I'll be so engrossed in it I'll lose all track of time. Make yourself sit down and write some free association bullshit (no way I get bonus points for that obscure reference). It'll come.
caramama said…
I'm Not Skippy - That's exactly what I did to write this post. Forced myself to start writing whatever was on my mind, which was my inability to write anything. hehe. ;-) It does work though. I will keep doing it, as much as I can. Hopefully I won't put out mindless drivel. Don't tell me if I do, okay?
Cloud said…
That is an interesting comment about how the SAD affects your personality.

Your question is too hard for me right now... but I will say that I've taken the Myers-Briggs, too and come out an ENTJ. Strong E, moderate N and T, and wishy-washy J.

The most instructive thing out of that experience was when the facilitator divided us into groups based on each of the four "letters" and had us do exercises to understand how the "other side" thinks of things. The funniest exercise was for the J vs. P divide. Js are planners, Ps, not so much. We were supposed to describe how we went grocery shopping. The J group went first, and we talked about writing a weekly meal plan, and a shopping list organized by store layout, and some of the stronger Js talked about optimizing the order in which they went through the store. The Ps were just standing there looking at us in horror.
NoTimeToTalk said…
That is interesting what Cloud said. I also scored ENTJ. It was so interesting to me to participate in an activity where we broke into groups by personality type and then wrote out a plan to fire someone. There was only one other person in my group of 50 that was ENTJ. We agreed instantly on what our plan would be. We were _shocked_ when we heard the other groups plans. It was an eye-opener how different people think. (some groups wanted to bring in a grief counselor which still cracks me up)
Anonymous said…
I took the Myers-Briggs years ago and I don't remember what I was. If anyone has found a free online version (that's worth a damn), I'd love to try it.

But without the test, I can tell you that I like to laugh and love others with a good sense of humor. I can be loyal to a fault but once turned off, it's really hard to regain my trust. I believe I'm a hard worker although I will take a "me" day occassionally (this involves lots of sleep). Not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing.

As for other faults, I, too, can be very stubborn, flighty, and moody.
HeatherY said…
I am guarded and quiet when I first meet people. However, once you get to know me I won't shut up! I'm very talkative and animated but very laid back. I take most things in stride.

On the negative, I have a tendency to worry about everything. Also, I stew over things a lot longer then I should and avoid any sort of confrontation.
- Dana said…
I'm super sensitive (my downfall), caring, open and silly. I'm also independent, probably too responsible and driven by routines. I definitely hold back until I get warmed up to people...that's probably what causes my personality to change the most. I feel as if people get the wrong impression of me when they first meet me (it partly has to do with being 30 and looking 12). I'm a tad bit subborn (but who isn't) and maybe I tend to overreact.
paola said…

My MIL suffers from debilitating depression/OCD and when she is not well just can't get herself to do anything. Not even get out of bed, or have a shower. She can't make the simplest decisions like what to have for lunch, or what clothes to put on. Eventually it does pass and then she is back to being her vibrant self ( well, not exactly, but more vibrant that during her off momnets). The ting she hates the smot is being told to 'snap out of it' ( which we have all been guilty of telling her at some point or another), and finally after all these years living close to her, I know she really can't. She just needs time to work it through I guess ( and the help of a lot of meds).

April is not so far away. Hang in there.
lets see... I guess i would say I am creative, funny (even if only to myself), kind, melodramatic, and an introvert.

Have you thought about taking and vitimin d supplement? My dr checked my levels last winter and summer, even in the summer they were quite low, I am now on a supplement 10,000 units a day (very high) but the difference between last winter and this winter are HUGE.
MommyEm said…
I don't remember my Myers-Briggs, but I think that mine started with an I. So I came up with my own list...

The Good - Friendly, thoughtful, loyal, patient, quirky, willing to take charge, but don't need to be in charge.

The Bad - Unorganized, indecisive, sensitive, forgetful.

The Ugly - Worst case scenario worrier, lack self-confidence, and sometimes passive-aggressive.
Colleen said…
I'm still staring at Cloud in horror. ;)

I haven't taken the Myers-Briggs...what do all those letters stand for?

Good qualities: friendly, warm-up quickly to people, love to laugh, highly animated, loyal, forgiving, (brutally) honest

Bad qualities: moody, passive-aggressive when really irritated, downright obnoxious when angry, I lash out when I'm really nervous

Not sure if this is good or bad: I care too much. Good because it's good to care for others; bad because I get continually let down when some people take advantage of it.

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