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Question of the Week - And the Living's Easy...

What a fantastic weekend! The meet up at the At Play Cafe was so much fun (I'll definitely write up a post about that soon)! I had a lovely Sunday getting some good nesting in, the culmination of which was a cleaned out and organized linen closet (which I'd been meaning to do for months). And Monday was spent at the pool and relaxing at home. I do love summer time, especially long weekends with fun plans.

This week's question of the week is:
What summertime activities do you look forward to doing?

For me, it's the pool, the lake, the beach. Basically, hanging out in the side beside and in water.

This year, Londo, the Pumpkin and I will not be able to make our annual beach trip to the time share with my parents. Even though the beach is only 2.5 - 3 hours away, the trip would be... hmmmm... I think next week. And I am in no shape to do any car trip over 30 minutes. Plus, Londo kind of wants to keep me near our doctors and the hospital. Cause, you know, I could pop any minute.

These limitations also interfer with any trips up to my cousin's lake house, which is 2.5 - 3 hours in the other direction. The house is so relaxing, and although the lake is really cold it is beautiful. But the best part is zooming around on the speed boat, something I am totally not up for.

Which leaves the pool. The wonderful, cooling, just-down-the-street neighborhood pool. Where I can feel almost normal again and can carry and play with the Pumpkin in the big pool. Where we can come and go so easily from our house when the mood strikes us.

We'll also blow up the fun baby pool in our backyard and play back there a lot during the summer. We would have done that this weekend, but our beagle discovered a nest of baby bunnies* in our backyard**, so we are trying to keep toddler and dog away until either the mama bunny moves them or we figure out what to do with them. This also cuts down on Londo's favorite summertime activity, which is grilling while the family is hanging out in the backyard.

Those are the things I look forward to about summer. I'm a water sign, so what do you expect? Of course this particular summer, I'm also really looking forward to the birth of our son!

So what about you? Do you love summer like I do? Even if you don't, what fun summertime things are you anticipating?

*Unlike the baby birds' nest which is up too high to disturb, this nest is in a shallow hole right in a main part of our yard. It's like we are some sort of animal habitat or something. What's going on?

**For those who don't know, beagles are actually bread to hunt out rabbits. You'd think the mama bunny would have been smart enough to not build a nest in the backyard of a beagle! But our neighborhood is totally overrun with rabbits, so we guess that they are just out of room and finding any place. Dumb but cute, those bunnies.


Being in the water is always my favorite. Esp. days spent at the lake... but the lake i love is across the state so we don't get as much of it as i want (ie EVERY DAY:)
But we went biking this weekend... so now we have planned long family bike rides this summer with picnics and everything.
janel said…
We had such a great time at the play date on Saturday! Thanks so much for organizing. Hope to see everyone again sometime soon.
I'm Not Skippy said…
I hate summer. It's too damned hot to do anything. If I had to pick I'd say swimming in almost any body or water. Pool, lake, river, creek, ocean. . . I like being in the water.
Trannyhead said…
We spent lots of time at the pool this weekend, actually. We were there Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and even Monday afternoon. It was fabulous. Nothing like sitting in a giant body of other kids' urine to take the edge off! :-D
HeatherY said…
We just took our annual trip to the beach last week! Since we are moving closer to the coast soon, I'm looking forward to jaunts to the beach. We'll also be close to family with pools. Basically, we'll be all about water this summer! Yay!

I don't blame you for not wanting to sit in a car. Nothing brings on the Braxton-Hicks like a ride in the car!!! Can't wait for the little man to arrive. I'm so excited for you (can you tell).

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