Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There Is an End in Sight

And I don't just mean my big hind end!

I have scheduled the C-section for June 22nd, 3 days after my due date. I have been leaning one way, then another, and finally going back to the original plan. And you all have been wonderfully supportive, informative and above all kind throughout my frustrations. A special thanks goes to those of you who have had to suffer through phone conversations with me, which were usually prefaced by, "Even if you don't agree with me, I just need to you to listen and support me." Everyone loves talking to an emotional, hormonal 37.5 week pregnant woman, right?

So if I go into labor before the scheduled C-section, I plan to try for a VBAC. If this one follows the Pumpkin's scheduling skills (she was 10 days late), we will go in on the 22nd to get the boy out. This is the plan. If anyone doesn't like it or agree with it, too bad. I'm done debating, researching and crying (at least over this issue). I will, however, delve into research on ways to improve the success of a VBAC. I fear that the highest chance of success means no medication at all, and I've been planning on the epidural. Oh boy.

Oh, and the scheduled C-section for the 22nd? The only time slot they had left at the hospital was at 3:30 in the afternoon. Apparently, I we waited too long to finalize the decision about the date* and that's all they have. Why is that a problem, I naively asked. Because you can't have ANY FOOD OR DRINK for 8 hours prior to the surgery. Londo tried to be all bright-side about it and said that I'd only be missing lunch. I had to point out that I'd be missing second breakfast, lunch, early/first afternoon snack and all the water and juice that keeps me from being a dehydrated misery. Good times!

The woman who schedules said that surely one of the women scheduled on that day will go into labor prior to that day and I could be moved up. I told her that I hope to be a woman who goes into labor prior to that day. I don't think I will be, but Londo thinks I will. Shall we start a pool for delivery date? I'm taking the 22nd.

*If I wasn't going to try for a VBAC, the doctor wanted us to schedule for the week prior. So we didn't schedule either date until I (yes, I) had made a final decision. Apparently most other people are able to make their decisions earlier.


OneTiredEma said...

I assume you will not be able to try any kind of medical induction (Cytotec, etc.)...if you get to the end and are starting to see signs of slow progress (even not!), I highly recommend prenatal massage with a licensed practitioner--there are accupressure points that can stimulate labor.

If you lived near me I'd send you to my person (she is AMAZING!), but someone in the blog posse hopefully could give you a rec.

Wishing you lots of luck for a VBAC--I tried and tried and 70 hrs in it was clear it was not meant to be :)

Charisse said...

Good for you, Caramama!! Sounds like you are all set with both plans. I'm taking the hmmm...18th and a Gemini child for you, leaving the method of exit up to the universe. Feel free to ping me if you could use a happy (and, I promise, unsmug) story of an unmedicated labor.

Cloud said...

I'll take the 21st in your pool. Because that's how kids are.

I hope I'm wrong and you go into labor 3 days early or something.

limboland la la said...

ummmm... for the food thing I would check out the reasons for not eating and the type of anesthesia being used. If I recollect right, generally the reason for not eating is fear of puking and it going into your lungs and possibly getting pneumomia (sp). However, that's usually only a danger with general anesthesia-- rather than local (as in a c-section, right?...i think if you're awake and puking it's not the same thing ;)).

but overly-cautious or needfully- cautious docs push the no eating thingie.

not sure, so check that out-- i could be completely wrong. or you could be lusciously full. or at least secretely nutriated. :)

knowing me, i'd be sneaking in a snack or two.

ImpostorMom said...

Not sure about the epidural but I know there will be no pitocin or any of the labor inducing medications that can create much more intense contractions. That's too dangerous for a VBAC.

Good Luck either way! said...

Man the not eating or drinking would KILL me. only not literally :) But I am hoping for a nice safe VBAC for you! I couldn't eat or drink much for my whole labor (I tried just couldn't) and was quite tired but ravenous afterwords so I will be thinking of you!

OneTiredEma said...

@ Impostor Mom, I did have pitocin with my VBAC attempt--although one of the more conservative drs (in his late 50s) in the practice would not give it to me and I had to wait until my dr (mid 40s) came on service to get it. We had discussed in advance--I had come to the understanding using drugs to augment the labor is different than using drugs to induce the labor, which is why I had to get myself into labor and dilating (because I couldn't show up with no labor and use Cytotec).

It really depends on your OB.

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