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Question of the Week - Resolved to Do Some Resolutions

It's a new year and a time to make resolutions. There are some I wish I could make, but I know that I don't have the power to change certain things *cough*badsleepers*cough*. Instead, I'm trying to be realistic and set the bar pretty low.

So of course this week's question is:
What are your new year's resolutions?

Over the next year, I hope to:
-Incorporate yoga back into my life more regularly.
-Take an activity/class with each of my kids. (I'm thinking of doing a yoga class with one or both of them, combining this with my previous resolution!)
-Fix up a desk for me at home (and it may take all year to actually get this done).
-Reduce dairy in my diet. (I now realize that going completely without dairy is not feasible for me right now, since chocolate is important to my mental health right now!)
-Find a GP doctor.
-Start posting reviews on my review blog again.

What about you? Any major or minor changes you hope to make? Anything you simply want to get done within the year? How resolved are you?


MommyEm said…
I resolve to declutter my belongings. My mother is a hoarder of all kinds of decorative arts and after a Christmas at her house, it is imperative that I change my ways. It's either take control and get organized or be buried in items that don't really matter. It is not going to be easy. I come from a long line of "keepers" and hoarders and the attachment to belongings can be emotionally strong. I have pictures of the interior of my mother's house to remind me of the consequences of falling off the declutter wagon.
Anonymous said…
I'm with MommyEm. De-clutter. De clutter. De-clutter. Christmas was great but assimilating all of the toys and clothes into our existing lack of storage has been impossible.

Yoga is one of my as well. Go more often and hopefully lose some weight.

Budget better, spend less. This one has always been tough for me. But it's a must if we want to ever get a bigger house to put more crap in! :)
paola said…
I quite like the excuse of the New Year to start afresh. Last year I made a few promises to myself that I would make some changes to how I (we)live and so this is a great time to implement them.

I have been trying to reduce the amount of waste we as a family produce. I have been a lazy recycler and have promised myself that that has got to stop. We are lucky that the town we live in has a great recycling program and the rubbish gets seperated into 4/5 different collections. I resolve to recycle more thoughtfully instead of throwing the rubbish just anywhere ( which I confess I tend to do).

This also applies to food and the like. I hate seeing vegetables and fruit rot because I am too lazy to cook them. Or finding the pantry full of things past the used by date. I insist that the kids not waste food etc, but I'm not much of a model, so someting else to resolve.

Secondly, I want to start living the moment again. I read a wonderful book over the Summer holidays about the importance of the here and now and found it easy to implement at the time. But, with winter here and the kids sick and husband anxious, it's not much fun or easy to appreciate the here and now. So, something else to work on.

Good luck with yours.
Karen said…
I resolve to spend more time with the kids, to find the happy in all situations, to be more patient under stress. It's the last one that'll be difficult.
Andrea said…
I realize that this comment is not really related to your post, but I believe you're cutting out dairy because you think your son may be intolerant of cow's milk? My 6 month old daughter is intolerant of milk and soy and I was advised by a dietician that ALL dairy must eliminated. Even just a trace amount can affect a child who is intolerant. Perhaps this is not the case for your son, but I thought I would put that out there. Her sleep has improved with my new diet (of course, the two may be unrelated, but again, they may not be...) Sorry if this is completely unhelpfull, but hopefully it is. I really like the honesty of your blog.
hush said…
Organize my clothing to create a closet full of only things I regularly wear & that suit me. All the rest to charity.

Take a romantic sleepover trip with DH away from at least one, or preferably both, of the kids. Have not done this since DS was born 26 months ago (neither of the kids usually sleep thru the night anymore so we have been reluctant to ask this of anyone!)

Be a better active listener. Get really good at restating the feelings the other person is sharing, and at taking my own agenda out of the conversation.

Entertain more at home. This creates the cleaning incentive.
Cathy said…
There are dairy-free (and good tasting) chocolates out there. My daughter was allergic to dairy and I suspected my youngest was too when he was nursing. (He was tested and is not allergic to anything.) Trader Joe's makes good dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate chips. I think Whole Foods has dairy free chocolate chips too and if you check the labels on some of the higher-end chocolate out there some of it is dairy-free as well. Scharffen berger comes to mid--but I could be wrong on the brand.

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