Thursday, January 21, 2010

Smiles in the Night

Originally written in early December 2009.

He is awake
He wants to nurse
I root around my pillow
searching for sleep
as the baby roots around my
breast searching for my nipple.
His wakefulness and fussing
trump my desire for
just one
of sleep.
I unwillingly let go of the last
threads of unconsciousness. Tired,
frustrated, I swallow my yells,
my curse words. He senses that I am
awake. His fussing becomes coos. He looks
up at me, his round eyes wide.
He smiles.
His entire
mouth is wide,
his entire
lights up. His nose and eyes crinkle,
his round cheeks become even rounder. His
happiness at seeing me looking at him
is undeniable.
I melt.
I smile
back at him. I help him
find my nipple, get his comfort. This time is
fleeting in the overall span of my
life. For now, he needs
me more than I need
sleep. The love, the smiles make it
worth every missed minute of rest.


happenstance said...

girl, that was a beautiful poem, but i'm glad you told us it was written a month ago, caus ei was all like "That baby better get back in the crib and go to bsleep!!" lol.

I'm planning on coming over tomorrow night around 6:30-7 again. if that needs to change let me know. Tell your dude i'm bringing him "Duma Key", let me know if i can bring anything for you.

by the by, your blog is kewl : ) i actually crawled into the 21st century and made one myself (Confessions of a freecycler - ha!)

ttyl chicka.

caramama said...

@happenstance - Yeah, I was afraid that someone would think it was a reflection of what's going on now, which is exactly why I put the date on it. It's not. Last night, the boy only woke up twice, and both times went back to sleep in his crib easily after I fed him! Looking forward to your coming over tomorrow night! I'm off to check out your blog now...

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