Tuesday, February 2, 2010


She is full of energy,
full of life. She thrives
as the center of attention,
as an entertainer. Not yet
three, she is bigger than her
body, greater than her size.

He is full of humor,
full of curiosity. He loves
to watch, to laugh, to reach.
Just learning to sit on his own,
he is mesmerized by his
sister and her antics.

She wants to make him
laugh. She jumps, spins,
makes faces. His whole body
jiggles with his chuckles,
his two teeth apparent with
his wide-mouthed smile. She
informs us that she made
him laugh, giggling and pleased.

He reaches for her, tries to
grab ahold of her hand, her
hair, her spirit. He investigates
her with his eyes, hands and
mouth. She guides him, letting him
hold her hand but not pull her hair.
She tries to teach him words:
da da, ma ma. He thinks it's
funny, entertained by the sounds.

They already have a strong bond,
love and enjoyment for each other.
They compliment each other in how
they interact, how they play.
Fun and laughter, hugs and kisses,
but also vieing for attention and
competing needs--these are all
part of their life together, in
their future as brother and sister.


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I am loving your poems!

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