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Back From Unplanned Hiatus

Apparently it's been two weeks since I last posted, which is the longest I've gone without posting since I started blogging. I've missed it and written many posts in my head about the many things that are going on, especially my daughter's birthday.

So why haven't I written them? Where have I been?

I've been working.

Let me re-state that: I've been working my BUTT off. Spending mornings, nights, weekends and all day working working working. I haven't been keeping up with dishes or laundry, Londo has taken on most of the kid watching responsibilities, and my mom has been helping with drop offs so I can get into work as early as possible.

Sounds a bit crazy, right? It has been. I almost never talk about my work, at least in any detail, but I'm going to just a little now. Move on if you have no interest, but check back soon for stories about my awesome and frustrating kids!

I work in IT, in software development. There are generally two different types of projects if you work in software: new development or operations and maintenance (O&M).

Since having the Pumpkin, I've been on an O&M project. There were regular releases with fixes and enhancements, and there were some long nights and weekend releases. But overall, the project was pretty predictable and and not too hectic, like most O&M projects.

After having the Pookie, I returned to that project in a different role (one I prefer) and to the plan of a redesign of the system. We were going to redo the system, from the back-end coding to the front user interface. I actually prefer new software development to O&M because I find it more exciting and enjoy figuring out how to make the system work for the users.

The thing about new development is that it is really cyclical. In fact the cycle is called the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). And even when you plan really well, and even when you have an awesome team, things still get really busy at the end.

Add to that an unexpected shortening of the schedule and a few shifting priorities, and surely you can imagine the craziness that ensues. Which was especially fun while trying to celebrate the Pumpkin's birthday, plan and throw her party, and bake something for her to bring into school for the celebration there.

From this point on, things will still be crazy, but not overwhelmingly so (I HOPE!). Blogging is important to me as both a release and record for where my memory lacks. Reading other blogs is essential in keeping me sane, as well as keeping me in touch with my internet friends. Therefore, I don't plan to have another lengthy hiatus... but I didn't really plan this one either!

But while I was gone, here's a few things I wanted to mention:
-My daughter turned 4!
-Spring has sprung, and I'm feeling so much better.
-The time change never fails to screw up the sleep in my household.
-My daughter's birthday party was a big hit.
-My son's communication has really advanced, even though his pronunciation has not.
-My daughter definitely goes through quarterly regressions, and this current one is (another) killer!
-My son seems to also be in a regression, which just adds to the fun.
-It's just a phase. It's all just a phase. Just a phase...

So it's been a while. How are you doing?


hush said…
That's really cool you work in IT and enjoy it (and are apparently a very much-needed employee, which has to be a good thing!). Having mad tech skillz is something I lack and always find impressive in others!

Happy 4th Bday, Pumpkin! Glad her party was a hit!

"Just a phase" = Amen, sister!
Melba said…
Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!

And I wish I could say the same about spring around here. There's still a 7 foot heap of snow on my front lawn (it's the pile that got shoveled off the driveway) and a 3 foot deep blanket everywhere else. This winter has been brutal and we are still deeply in it with no sign of spring. :(

Glad to have you back caramama!
mom2boy said…
Welcome back! Exciting times for you all around. :)
Cloud said…
I'm glad you are back, and glad that the reason for your absence was a happy one (which I think being busy at a job you love is).

Does this mean we get more posts now? :)
Zenmoo said…
I'm with @Cloud! Welcome back.
MommyEm said…
We are in the fearsome fours, which came after the trying threes, and got started with the terrible twos. Needless to say, I am considering a job with the circus.

I realized today that I need a name for our second daughter on here, and keeping with the Oz theme, I think I will call her Glinda. Somedays I think that I should have named our first "Miss Gulch," instead of Dorothy. She is developing some definitely wicked tendencies.

Glad to have you back as well!

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