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Question of the Week - Time for Projects

We are in summer break from the Montessori school that both kids attend. When we decided to put the kids in the Montessori school, we knew that there would be a 6 week period that we would have to cover somehow. Although the Pumpkin is old enough to go to some camps and the Pookie's previous daycare allows kids to come for a day or a week or whatever, those things cost money. And money is tight right now for us as it is for everyone else.

Luckily, Londo and I have wonderful, helpful family who live close enough to make kid coverage (mostly) work. My mom watched the kids one week, my MIL came up for another week, and they both will do other days coming up. In addition, Londo took the kids for one week and I will take them for another week. That will cover us for most of the 6 week period.

So that's what's been going on. It's quite a logistical feat, to get all this organized in a way that works for everyone, especially the kids. And things will come up to rock the boat, as they already have. But overall, it's a good plan and working pretty well.

Last week was Londo's week with the kids, and he took them down to his parents house for the week. That's right. I had the house TO MYSELF all week last week! I'll bet you think I would have spent the week sleeping in and writing blog posts and watching movies and generally laying around enjoying the peace and quiet.

Of course I didn't! I decided that with everyone out of the house, that was the perfect time to get some projects done. After all, the house has been in a state of disarray since I tore my meniscus just after I start a re-organization project in my closet and the guest room/my office. But finishing the organization of my closet depended on moving my old dresser out and into my daughter's room. But first I wanted to paint it so it would be cute, not old and fuggly. And finishing the organization of the guest room/office depended on painting the room first.

So that's what I did last. I painted. I may have taken on slightly too many painting projects, but it's been years since I painted ANYTHING. BC (Before Children), I used to refinish furniture, and I've missed that hobby a great deal. But that hobby, like with all painting, requires a lot of time devoted to it in which you get messy and can't stop in the middle of it. It also requires a lot of prep time and clean up time. And a place to do all of that without kids running around.

By the end of the week, I had two coats of a brownish, rosy color on the guest room/office walls, matching headboard and dresser for my daughter's room, and halfway painted shelves for my son's room (which I will finish this week sometime). Though my body aches in places I'd forgotten existed and my knee has really gone to the edge of its capabilities, I'm really proud of what I've done and so happy that I've gotten to do those projects! Now I can finish organizing everything!

This week's question of the week is:

What projects do you have on your To Do list that you haven't had time to get to yet?

The painting and reorganizing has been on my list for years, so I'm really glad I can cross them off. But I have other projects on my list.

Next up is hanging curtains! We have lots of curtains that we brought with us from our old house FIVE YEARS AGO. Besides lacking the time and energy, we also have some weird issues with the blinds on all the windows which has made it difficult to find curtain rods that will fit correctly.

I also want to frame and hang many prints, posters and pictures on walls of numerous rooms. And work on decorating the dining room better. And completely redo our kitchen (but we totally don't have money for that one!) And probably a ton of other things, but that's all I can let myself think about for now.

What about you? What projects have been on your list? Are they house-related, personal, kid-related or maybe even couple-related? What have you not been able to find the time to do? What would you do with a week at home by yourself?


Lisa F. said…
so many questions! where to start?! with a week to myself, first I would sleep, take baths, eat good food, watch a movie or two. then, I would deep clean & dust the house, re-org our ONE closet, finally paint the trim in the laundry room, finish painting the doors in the house, choose a color & paint the kitchen, re-do kitchen, laundry room & bath floors. clean up gardens, divide & distribute plants in new locations. paint the shelves I already put up a year ago. get a file cabinet & organize paperwork. find a place to rent in a diff school district & rent our place out. and then I'd need another week to sleep!
Cloud said…
A week at home by myself is too foreign of a concept to really even process.... I'd probably read and sleep a lot, and feel really guilty about that, and then be annoyed at myself for feeling guilty.

But projects! OH, I have projects. I want to move my blog off blogger to something I host elsewhere, and do all sorts of cool things with it. Really- I have a bout a year's worth of ideas for that.

Our master bathroom is still the same hideous bright blue we swore we couldn't live with when we moved into the house 4 years ago.

Also, the kitchen cabinets are the same pinkish faux-southwestern finish that we swore we couldn't live with.

And we have a major yard/house upgrade plan that we're slowly working our way through.

Then there's the hall closet that I had all organized and is somehow in disarray again.

And- this one's a wildcard- I have an idea for a sci fi novel, which maybe someday I'll do something with.
caramama said…
@Lisa F - Oh, the FIRST thing I did was take a nap! And you have ONE closet? I don't think I could survive with only one! Sounds like you'd be over-planning your week, just like I did. Maybe if I didn't have to work all day I would have had time to clean and file stuff, which were also on my list...

@Cloud - Yeah, a week at home by myself was totally a crazy concept! I couldn't believe it happened! I really thought I'd do more with my blog during that week, but working all day and painting all evening/night didn't leave me any time. But I thought about it a lot! And what's with the hall closets? I keep cleaning and organizing mine, then it so quickly devolves back into a mess! It was on my list, too.
hush said…
A week in my house alone? How amazing a gift that would be - glad to hear you got to live the dream @caramama!

I would probably waste time by watching all the episodes of "Breaking Bad" on my DVR. Yep, I think I could get thru all the seasons in a week.

But really, I would spend the time organizing kid pictures and videos, and finish decorating their rooms before they like start high school. ;)

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