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Evil Genius Cat

Londo: The cat is the smartest thing in the house.

caramama: If he was so smart, he wouldn't be peeing on stuff.

Londo: That's the thing. To get him to stop peeing on stuff, we are doing everything he wants. We're giving him extra treats, buying him toys, giving him extra attention, playing with him...

caramama: Keeping his litter box really clean, leaving the baby gates open as much as possible...

Londo: It's genius really.

Londo: I wish I could get what I wanted by peeing on stuff. I could be in a meeting at work, and just start peeing on the conference table until everyone agrees with me. Hmmmm.

caramama: haha.


ImpostorMom said…
I'd say that is decidedly more difficult for a woman. HAHA

I have the same sort of sentiment about how babies act though. Can you imagine if everyone just screamed when they were hungry or tired. Dining out would be a whole different experience. I think I'd prefer just to stay home.
Londo said…
Don't laugh, I just finished up a big meeting and it worked like a charm.
Cara said…
hi, I just found your blog, really by accident, but ... I was watching BBCAmerica yesterday and How Clean Is Your House said cats need big litter boxes, and if you are cleaning the cat box too often the cat won't pee in it. Go figger.

And I'm a huge Neil Gaiman fan too, its one of the ways my husband and I bonded when we met. Anansi Boys is great, you'll love it, but put The Eyre Affair on your must-read list, it's beyond description.

Another cara, another mama
La folle maman said…
LOL!! This reminds me of a discussion DH, a co-worker and I had years ago. We worked together on a website for a fitness company (that shall remain unnamed) and our boss' boss (whom we shall call Spartan -- long story) was a little bit of a control freak.

Our co-worker was about to turn in his notice and we all contemplated how long it would take the building security to get to Spartan's office should our co-worker stand on top of his desk and take a huge dump. Oh goodness! Good times. We laughed about that one all day!

BTW, I feel your kitty pee pain. :) Let's just say our "girls" have been relegated to one portion of the house where we've pretty much given up on the carpet and will probably have to replace should we put the house on the market.
Hmm . . . that is an idea. I wonder if it would work with getting husbands to do what you want?
caramama said…
Cara: Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! And thanks for the tip about not cleaning the litter boxes to often, although I don't think that is our problem--perhaps the opposite of our problem! ;-)

Neil Gaiman is great, and I'm already enjoying Anansi Boys. It's too late for me to change the To Be Read Challenge booklist, but because you say The Eyre Affair is that good, I'll make a point of reading it in addition to or instead of another book. The reason I haven't read it yet is because I have never read Jane Eyre, and I figured I'd have to read that first for it to really make sense. Is that true? If so, I will just make sure to read both as soon as I can.

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