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It's That Time of Year

Between having a lot to do at work, running holiday errands, and visiting inlaws, I don't really have time to post today or even visit all my favorite blogs. But please feel free to browse the previous posts. Perhaps you would enjoy the Questions of the Week. Go ahead and answer one, if you haven't already. Even you, my dear friend who thinks my hubby is funnier than I am. ("It's not that your posts aren't funny, it's just that whole 'hazy fogger' thing was SO funny." I know he's funnier than I am, but I'm still going to give you a hard time.)

I hope everyone else is getting it all done. I'm not sure how I will. We still don't even have up any lights or a tree, and we still have to address all the envelopes for the cards! At least I finished the shopping...


ImpostorMom said…
Even the husband thought that hazy fogger thing was hysterical and I've told you how he is about blogs. *eyes rolling*

I haven't done my post yet either. I have it written in my head but no time to get it on the screen just yet. Aren't you flattered that I have already read yours today though. :P
cynthia said…
Pick and choose - don't worry about getting it ALL done! We decided to forget the lights outside even though I love them when they are up. We just couldn't handle another thing.


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