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Question of the Week - Just Desserts

Someone got me thinking about desserts the other day. This is not hard to do, as I LOVE desserts with an intensity that is a little scary. One of the best parts of pregnancy and breastfeeding for me is that I get to indulge in my sweet tooth all the time. I really do have dessert after lunch AND dinner. I have no idea how I'll deal when I stop breastfeeding... I guess I'll have to get pregnant again (I say as if it was easy the first time).

Anyway, this line of thinking brings me to the Question of the Week:

What is your favorite dessert?

My answer:
Okay, I have two. But I think it's allowed, considering how much I LOVE desserts. My favorite is the pastry Napoleon, but I so rarely find it done just right, with the pastry flaky enough and the cream the right level of fluffy creaminess. So my close second favorite is creme brulee.

Mmmmm. Now I'm ready for dessert. I have just finished breakfast, after all...

Okay, apparently I can't spell things correctly until I've had my coffee. I've fixed it now, but I'm glad you all realized I didn't mean, oh, the Sahara...


ImpostorMom said…
I too LOVE desserts. Too much in fact.

Favorites include:
pie, any fruit
chocolate chip cookies

I'd have to say my very more favorite is the Bailey's Irish Creme Cake made by Cecilia Villaveces and sold at Last Resort Grill in Athens, GA. MMMMmmm
nutmeg96 said…
My favorite dessert is profiteroles. They're like cream puffs with ice cream sundaes on/in them. So good. But again, hard to do right.

I also enjoy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
MommyEm said…
I love ice cream, and I cannot/will not choose one in particular. I am currently demonstrating my maternal dedication by not eating any of my favorite dessert, along with all other dairy products since my beloved Dorothy may have a dairy allergy. Now, I can give up a lot to be a mom - sleep, personal time, daily showers - but ice cream???? Wah!
limboland la la said…
i admit i'm more of a grease and salt kind of woman, as sugar always seems to leave a caking on the tongue and a bit of erratic behavior on the mind. ;)

but.....cheese cake....oh cheese cake! the most awesome of gods, the creamiest of creams and how it wafts on the tongue!

over here they add sugar to it. it destroys everything. just found a cheesecake store and i often stop buy and stare dreamily at the cakes in the window. but i daren't try, lest they be sickly sweet. 'tis better to dream. :)
Mom101 said…

I know it sounds totally snobby and fancy but oh man, how I love profiteroles. I mean, it's pastry and chocolate sauce and ice cream. God's perfect food.
OneTiredEma said…
Oh my.

All of the above, although I don't know that I've ever had a profiterole.

Cheesecake is good. Carrot cake (no raisins, though!) with cream cheese frosting--my husband isn't into this so I never make it, but I'll totally order it when out (and I find it, which is practically never). Pecan pie. Apple pie with homemade crust. My mom's poppy seed cake.

For the stuff I am able/willing to make myself: cookies (doesn't really matter which kind) hot from the oven with cold milk and brownies (plain, with nuts, cheesecake topped, or coffee blond brownies from the Silver Palate).

Tiramisu from Pera e Mela in Jerusalem.

Have I gone on long enough? :-)
Londo said…
I am completely addicted to key lime pie. I love it so much that I can't have a whole one in the house without eating it every chance I get.

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