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Question of the Week - What's in a Name

If you could name/could have named your child anything you want, what would it be/have been?

And in this bubble world, you could be pick anything and everyone would love whatever you pick (including your partner, family, and strangers), it would go great with whatever last name you had, no one would tease your child, and it didn't have any weird/bad connotations.

For a girl, mine would probably be Lily, or some name that could be shortened to Lily (as in Lillian or maybe Delilah). My second choice would be Sienna, my third would actually be the Pumpkin's real name, and my fourth would be River or Star or something equally as hippie.

For a boy, mine would be Hunter. Other names at the top of my list are Connor, Dante, or Marcus.

How about you?


limboland la la said…
As my kiddies aren't born yet, I'll keep it a bit secret. (never knew i'd be protective till I typed out the names and then thought better (or paranoid) of it, and deleted them.

But, mum wants some kids named after her. Trouble is, don't really care for either of her names. And although I love her, I wouldn't wish my mother's take on life to my child's by any means...

did family influence your naming?
Becoming Mommy said…
Damien. I wanted to name Sasha that, but nooooo....all anyone can ever think of is The Omen and thinks it's some satanic thing. Sometimes pop culture can be a pain in the patootie.
caramama said…
becoming mommy: I love the name Damien! But you are right, everyone thinks it's some evil name. Too bad.

limboland la la: Family didn't really play into the first name, but did in the quest for a middle name. Hubby wanted to have some traditional, family middle name, but I did not. We agree that the first would not, but the second (if we are so fortunate) would. I don't really feel any attachment to any family name in my family, so we'll do one from his family for the second's middle name.
ImpostorMom said…
We actually named Boog the top name we had for a boy. First and middle are family names.

We also discussed Luke until my husband said "Luke, I am your father." and I said "well, that's out."
OneTiredEma said…
I want names to sound "right" in terms of number of syllables in combo with last name, etc.

Miss M's name is the exact name I wanted for a baby girl--from before I was pregnant, married, dating, you name it. Now it's getting very popular in my circles, which pisses me off beyond reason.

A name I love that I could not/cannot use (because it is too close to my BIL's name--in sound, not meaning) is Yonina.

Potential future girls' name? I like Orli ("my light") or Michal.

We had a devil of a time coming up with a name for AM. Like, I never want to do THAT again tough. Hebrew boys' names were so problematic!

Their English names (for legal document purposes only) are Maya and Jamie. I wanted Maia, but my husband insisted on the "y." He agreed to Jamie with no problem, however, because my original suggestion was (if I recall) Alistair. I was serious. :-)
janet said…
DH had an algorithm for our child's first name selection since our last name is one syllable and he doesn't want them to have nickname possibilities. So this limited us quite a bit. HOWEVER, one of the names I really like DID fit the rules but was too "frou frou" for DH. That name was Liam. Two syllables and no nicknames in sight! But I like the name we have chosen and I think it fits his personality.

For a girl, I would really want Audrey, Katherine or Grace. But Grace definitely does not fit our last name (regardless of DH's rules). I'm going to really pull for Katherine if we have a girl next though. Sure, Kate is a possible nickname but I don't hear Kate Spade bitching about her name! :)
Londo said…
I got two words for you: Johnny Kickass.

Well, in this case, Jenny Kickass, but next time...
b*babbler said…
I loved Audrey and Olivia - but both were nixed. Fortunately I loved Peanut's real name, and we were able to agree on it (it helps when you are in labour at 32 weeks - you kinda get final say... not that I abused my privileged, as evidenced by the fact that her name is not Audrey or Olivia).

For a boy I loved Finnegan (Finn for short), but it reminded my husband Mr Dressup's puppet. I also loved Xavier.

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