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Question of the Week - What Do You Miss?

The Pumpkin has got a cold, so I'm staying home with her this morning. Londo hopes to relief me around noon so I can get into work for a meeting and to do some things I need to get done.

It was a rough night for all of us, because she couldn't breath very well lying down. This morning, she was pretty fussy, but she's already doing a lot better. She actually ate a very big breakfast and watching the dog out the window now. The worst has been trying to wipe her nose, but the trick using a wet wipe has helped a lot.

But on to the Question of the Week... Last night, as I desperately tried to catch up on some blogs, I read Jezer's post about finally getting to do one of her favorite hobbies (gardening). It got me wondering.

Question of the Week:
What is something you miss doing since having kids or in other ways being to busy? And sleep doesn't count, cause I think everyone would say that. ;-)

For me, it's probably going to the movies. I'm able to make time to read and watch some TV. I'm able to do some writing and spend time with my husband. But we used to go out to the movies pretty often, which we barely do at all now. I miss that a lot.

How about you?


Becoming Mommy said…
Actually, I miss having parties.
We used to have poker nights, football cookouts, and so forth all the time. Nothing was terribly raucous, but since we now need to get Sasha in bed by 8 (and only seems to be able to sleep through barking dogs, nothing else) and our friends are childless and don't like to show up to anything till 8 it hasn't been able to happen.
Really? I just need to do a better job convincing my friends and Hubby's friends' wives that they need to get pregnant. Then we can have our parties at 4 (after naptime) and be fine!
Hope Pumpkin feels better soon!
BrooklynGirl said…
I miss reading the Sunday morning newspaper. That used to take hours....
BisBink said…
I would have to say... Enjoying myself at a get together without worring about the Main Man. It's hard to have conversations when you are constantly turning away from a person to check on your child. I also miss being able to do anything I want at any time, such as going to a movie! Which we should do sometime, while the hubbies watch the kids!
BisBink said…
PS. I hope the Pumpkin feels better soon! I feel you pain, as the Main Man was sick for a month and a half with a cold or two or three. Wiping his nose was a chore.
I hope Pumpkin is feeling better, and is doing a better job of sleeping. You already know I feel your pain, but still.

Hmmm . . . what do I miss most . . . I miss being able to walk through my living room without tripping over cheap plastic toys. Those were the days!
Cloud said…
Funny, hubby and I were just talking about what we miss...

I miss lazy weekend days that can be "wasted" on a good book. And my yoga class.

He misses long walks on the beach (we used to live near the beach), with no fixed plans for what to do.
La folle maman said…
Hope Pumpkin feels better. Never fun to deal with a sick kid. Don't you wish she could just tell you everything she's feeling?

As for the QotW, it's definitely going out to dance clubs, not that I did this much after getting married either, but I miss it. I also miss having dinner parties with one or two couples or a Christmas party. I can rarely fix a really nice meal for DH and I, let alone other people!

The dinner parties I'm sure will continue again when our son gets older (or if we have more children when they're older as well). But clubbing, eh, well, I'll just leave that to the next generation since I'd probably be out of breath before even the first song ended!
Don Mills Diva said…
I really miss the hours-long power walks I used to take around our neighborhood - they were like therapy for me. I did them when Graham was in a stroller but these days it doesn't work with a dawdling two-year-old.

Hope Pumpkin feels better soon!
-Dana said…
Taking care of a child while being sick is NOT the most fun thing in the world. I miss and remember the days when I could just be sick (and nothing else)...lay on the couch and watch tv and just work on feeling better. KZ and I both got a terrible stomach bug AGAIN this weekend on the way home from visiting family. We stopped at a gas station and took turns running in to use the bathroom...all while our daughter was hanging out in the car. She was THANKFULLY a really good baby and wasn't being too needy. I gave her a banana (which she loves right now) and everything was ok. It was really sweet that it seemed like she picked up on how bad we both felt as KZ got up enough energy to continue to drive us all home. She kept calling out "mommy...mommy... mommy" in a soft voice and then some time would pass and it was "daddy...daddy...daddy". It was nice having that little bit of sweetness from our child to make it a little better, but I do just miss being sick without all the responsibility.
caro said…
I miss not talking to anyone in the morning until after I've showered, had breakfast, and read or written a little.
OneTiredEma said…
I miss browsing (library, bookstore, clothing store).

I miss cooking new things instead of working from a repetoire of things that can be made either at 11 am or 8 pm and still turn out ok. And making only one dinner for whoever happens to live here.

I miss listening to my choice of music in the car.

I miss putting on something nice, from time to time, without the expectation that it's only a matter of time until avocado/sweet potato/etc gets smeared on it.

But, hey, free hugs whenever I want so it's kind of even.
Shellie said…
I miss being free to go places without an entourage or major babysitting arrangements. I miss being able to stop and talk to a neighbor without losing a kid. I miss having a weeded garden. I miss painting, and singing and listening to music without someone screaming to turn it off and being able to watch the tv without closed captioning and being able to make things and cook without burning things and being able to go to the bathroom alone when I want to and being able to just join in on anything and help out and... I wouldn't be able to stand just doing all that stuff anymore, I would miss my kids and life would seem so empty without them.
paola said…
Finally worked out how to leave a comment!!

1. having sex whenever and where ever I want.

2. being able to come home whatever time I want and not having to rush home to take one f the kids off my MIL

3. going out for lunch (kids go nuts if they don't nap)

4. surf the internet ( now this is on I'm probably about to fix as dd is finally in with ds and out of the computer room
I miss playing video games... I really do. My husband says he will watch the boy so I can, but I just feel too much guilt... of all the things this mom could do with free time... I want to play video games. UG.

I also miss my mornings. No one to ineract with for at least an hour... but I am adapting and the new morning is ok too.

Our little one has been sick too, congested, runny nose (we wipe using the 'quick' method. We 'blot' his nose and say quick quick.. it works better than rubbing)
I'm Not Skippy said…
I miss the ability to decide "I want to go to...," putting shoes on, grabbing my keys, and going.

Doesn't matter where—Target, the park, a movie.

Leaving the house in less than an hour would be nice.

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