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Updated with hair information in caps, by request.

Okay, is everybody as excited as I am for this weekend? I mean, I haven't been to the zoo in two months, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the avian house again...

JUST KIDDING! The zoo is nice and all, but I can't wait to meet all you fine people who are coming out from behind your computers to meet in person. And the weather is supposed to be pretty good: "Saturday: Sunny. Highs in the mid 70s."

So let's finalize the plan.

Schedule for May 24th Zoo Meet Up:
-11:00 Meet outside of the National Zoo Store in the Visitors Center between the Conneticut Ave entrance and the Lot A entrance.
-12:30 - 1:30 Lunch in the Mane Restaurant

How to know it's us:
-I'll be the short girl with long (HALFWAY DOWN MY BACK, BROWN) hair wearing a pink Redskins hat (and probably a pink zip-up over a black T-shirt--cause I'm cute and match like that). My 6'4" hubby will probably be with me, and we'll have a black and red stroller (the Pumpkin may or may not be in it). Also, it is likely my little girl will be in a sling or backpack on me.
-Also look for a group of people and kids with name tags.

Who will be there:
-Becoming Mommy
-DC Ranger
-Anonymous (from original DC Area Meet Up post)
-hedra of Hands Full of Rocks
-Colleen of Wine Please
-caramama of Cara Mama

Anything else? Questions? Comments? More people who want to join?


Colleen said…
this probably an incredibly stupid question, but uh, what color is your long hair? and how long is long? (sorry, lots of ladies in our area like to be all matchy-matchy in pink)
caramama said…
Colleen - But I'll be the CUTE one in the matchy-matchy pink. Didn't you read that part? ;-) Added more hair info to be more specific. Thanks for thinking of those things!
Becoming Mommy said…
I'll be there with my reddish blondish bob. And the munchkin in his green-beige stroller and a green diaperbag that looks entirely too large.

Who knows what we'll be wearing...with the poopsplosions it could change on the way.
chaser said…
I'm laughing at the choice of either memorizing these details of what you all look like, or walking around the zoo consulting a printout of this page. And I can't think of anything especially memorable to say about my appearance. I'll just try to be on time and hope for the best!
Anonymous said…
I won't make it this time . . . SOB!

meggiemoo said…
We're excited! My DS will be the little blonde cherub running everywhere he goes. I'll try to wear something other than my usual jeans and hoodie, but no promises.
Colleen said…
Thanks for patronizing me! :) I've got a short dark reddish-blonde bob, a dark-brown hair-and-bearded husband, a red-headed 4 year old boy, and a chubby 10 month old boy in the stroller. I couldn't even begin to figure out what we might all be wearing...ha ha!

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