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DC Area Meet Up Updates!

The plan for the DC Area Meet Up so far is for moms, kids, hubbies and whoever else wants to tag along to meet up at the National Zoo on May 24th. Next on the list of things to figure out is the where and when to meet at the zoo.

I suggest we meet just outside of the National Zoo Store in the Visitors Center. As you can see on the map (all the way on the left of the map), it is between the main entrance from Conneticut (where Metro-ers will be coming in from) and the entrance from Lot A (a good place to park, although it fills up quickly). This puts us at the top of the hill, although it is far from the Mane Restaurant at the bottom of the hill.

I understand we are all going to have to juggle different schedules and nap times, so I doubt everyone is going to be able to meet together right from the start. Also, with the different ages of kids, I want us to be able to have a few hours at the zoo but not over do it for the younger ones. I suggest we meet up at 11:00 (even though this might mean a missed nap for my poor little Pumpkin--see what I give up for the group?).

I will also plan to wear something that will hopefully be recognizable. I'm thinking my pink Redskins hat, but you'll have to look down since I'm only 5'2". Oh, also I was thinking we could be really cheesy and wear name tags with our online names and our real names, if we are sharing them. There are a bunch of us, so name tags would really help us know who everyone else is and help new arrivals look around and say, "I see that group of people and kids with name tags and the short girl with long hair wearing a pink Redskins hat! That must be them!"

Also, if we plan a lunch break at say 12:30 to 1:30, other people could come look for our group in the Mane Restaurant.

Finally, here is the list of people I think are coming:
-Becoming Mommy
-DC Ranger
-Anonymous (who was it that posted Anonymous on the original DC Area Meet Up post?)
-Colleen of Wine Please
-Lawyer Student Hot Mama of Law school sucks - and so do lawyers

I wasn't sure if Slim and chaser could make the 24th... can you guys?

So, please respond with any feedback on the following items:
1. Is the meet up spot in the zoo okay?
2. Are the times for meeting and lunch good?
3. Is the plan for my pink hat and name tags okay?
4. Is my list of people wrong (i.e., are you coming/not coming but I don't have you listed/have you listed?)

I'm so excited about this!


La folle maman said…
Caramama -- Sounds like fun but Monkey and I will have to play it by ear. I may know more in a week.
chaser said…
this is so great! I am in favor of it all, the meet up spot/times/pink hat etc, and am awed at the prospect of meeting you all. whee! my email is rescherr at-sign gmail then dot the other thing.
Julie said…
I'm so sad I live in LA...we'd love to be there! Have fun!
hedra said…
We'll get there late - riding lesson isn't over until 10, though we'll book straight from there. We'll be there around noon, I'd think.

Since we won't be at the meetup spot/time, caramama, do you have a cell number? You can email me from my blog.

We can all wear the same color (I tend to encourage that if possible on big outings, just to make them easier for ME to find). But it won't be pink. ;) Maybe red, though. They all like red.
-goofydaddy said…
sorry, we can't make it. we'll be out of town on memorial day weekend. :-(
paola said…
Wow a bevy of mommies!! Caramama, I imagined you way taller- with all your get up and go and confidence I thought you must be at least 6 foot.
Rudyinparis said…
Aargh! How cool that you are doing this! SO wish I could be there, but will look forward to reading all about it.
Anonymous said…
Hi all -

I am a Moxie reader who mostly lurks, but I am moving from Oklahoma to near UMD this month and I would love to join you at the next one of these (We are rolling into town the 24th). Is there an email list I can be on, or should I just keep watching here?
(I used google's mail - "rebecca.bruning")
Colleen said…
everything sounds good...we may be there a little later than 11am since Cooper will make all Zoo visitors and residents miserable if he doesn't at least get a good hour. :) But we'll be there with bells, and nametags, on!
Becoming Mommy said…
Sounds great to me!
meggiemoo said…
we'll be there!
La folle maman said…
Looks like we're going to the MIL's house that weekend after all. Sorry! Wish I could have met everyone. Looking forward to hearing about the event!
wealhtheow said…
We'll be there--I'm so excited to meet everyone offline!

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