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Question of the Week - Wedding Memories

We had a fantastic time at the wedding this weekend. It was Londo's best friend (and the Pumpkin's Godfather) who got married on Sunday in Baltimore's harbor. It was a beautiful day, and the wedding was outside on grassy field on a pier. It was sunny and windy, which made it comfortable to sit in. The reception was in a hotel's reception room with walls lined with floor to ceiling windows and doors that lead out to the balcony running around the room outside with tables and chairs. It was fun to hang out with college friends, see our good friends get married, and enjoy the beautiful day--without having to chase around the toddler!

Also, I got to hold a little 2-month-old baby! She was so precious! Little and sweet and really good during all the festivities. She fell asleep in my arms, as I bounced and walked her. And holding her... weeeellll... itmademewantanotherbaby. There. I said it. Am I nuts? Probably, but Londo's been ready, and I've been close. Of course, then we picked up our little angel from my mom's house, and she proceeded to have a complete melt down and was very difficult to get to sleep. And woke up in the night. But still. We'll probably start trying soon.

Enough about babies. Let's talk about weddings some more. Here's the question of the week:

What is your favorite memory from your wedding? If you are not married, it could be a memory from someone else's wedding or something you hope for your wedding?

I really loved my wedding, and even though it was a blur, I do remember a few things pretty clearly. My favorite part of my wedding was after the ceremony, while all the guests went on to the hotel, Londo and I and our families and bridal party stayed at the church a little longer for additional pictures. The sun was streaming through the stained glass windows, and Londo and I were so happy and excited. Between lining up for the pictures, he and I just were in our own little world, joking and laughing. The photographer even caught some great pictures of those moments.

I didn't know that would be my favorite moment. But looking back almost 6 years later, that was it. How about you? Anything stand out in the blur that was your wedding day?


My Buddy Mimi said…
This might be kind of random, but I never got along with my husband's older brother, and he still insisted on having him as the best man. At one point he whispered to me that I looked beautiful, which might have been the first nice thing he ever said to me. So the thing that really stands out to me is thinking that maybe he wasn't a complete jerk after all. It turns out I was right (not sure what his problem was while I was dating my husband), but we are good friends now.
I'm Not Skippy said…
Halfway through the reception I was standing next to my best man. We stood watching everybody dance and mingle, just taking it all in. He said "Thank you, man." "For what?" I asked. "For letting me be part of this." "No, thank you for being part of it."

We didn't say anything else and just stood there for a while longer. In that moment, family and friends and the joy of the day hit us both. I looked over at my bride dancing with the jr bridesmaid. . .

Just taking that moment to remove myself from the action to watch. It was great.
Becoming Mommy said…
That the day was just lovely and no one made a scene (people were there who have violent hatred for one another) and it was probably the only day we will ever be able to have our whole collective family together actually celebrating with us.

Granted, some of the guests stole some of our wedding gifts and place settings from the hall (which we had to pay for) and apparently people had to physically hold down an old man to keep him from doing a striptease on the table....

but I was able to be blissfully unaware of everything for 24 hours. And I'm so grateful for them.
Becoming Mommy said…
Oh, and I'm baby wanting too...despite our broken fridge and holes bitten out of the leather sofa.

I'm putting it off a year though.
Cloud said…
We got married on a little island in the South Pacific. We didn't have great weather during the lead up to the wedding, and the night before our wedding, a mild cyclone blew through. We had our rehearsal BBQ outside in the wind and rain. We have great pictures of us all standing around drinking beer and getting drenched. The day of the wedding was not super sunny (which was probably a good thing, because I was in a big white dress and would have roasted), but it wasn't raining, and we had a beautiful ceremony on the beach. There were predictions that the cyclone was going to turn around and hit the island again, so during the ceremony several of the local men were indulging in a tradition of sitting in the lagoon and drinking beer before the cyclone comes. They are in some of our photos. I love that. The cyclone did not turn around and hit the island again, and the next day was beautiful and sunny.
La folle maman said…
Our wedding was in the Bahamas. We invited a lot of people but not many could actually make the trip.

The guests in attendance ended up being only our closest family and friends. So the first favorite memory is while leaving the gazebo we were just married in, I gazed at each row of guests and due to the number, I could really soak in each of their expressions. I can remember not all but definitely DH's Dad's face, his Mom's face, my parents faces, and both of my aunts' faces very clearly. In the whirlwind that is a wedding, I'm glad ours was small enough that I could appreciate that moment so fully.

The other one of my favorite moments was after the wedding when the photographer grouped DH and I, plus ALL of our guests together in front of the gazebo where were just married. He was able to fit EVERYONE into the shot. I had that particular photo blown up and it hangs in our hallway upstairs.
La folle maman said…
BTW, thanks for giving me a good "joy cry" today. :)
-goofydaddy said…
I have 2 moments from our wedding. one at the beginning, and one near the end. the first was when my lovely bride was over an hour late to the ceremony! it was fun because it gave people time to relax and chat before the actual event. so many times you rush to get to a wedding and don't get to socialize.

and it makes for a funny story. what made her so late? her unruly curly hair. the hairstylist grossly underestimated the time it would take to tame her fro :-)

the second was when my uncle Cas (my Dad's brother) reluctantly sang during the reception. he had become a very introverted person over the years so it really meant something when he got up and sang 2 Elvis songs. It turned out to be one of the last times i saw him, he died about 18 months later.
- Dana said…
HAHA - "unruly curly hair", you got that right! I 2nd goofydaddy...he picked some good moments that really stand out for me too. There is another moment that stands out though. I was so sick to my stomach ALL morning and the delay with the stylist just made it worse. I was so nervous because I hate hate hate being in front of people (unless I'm playing my flute, which I find weird). Once we arrived at the church, it all went away. I was filled with excitement and joy. All the nerves were gone. It was wonderful. I wish that would happen when I have to give a presentation at work!!!
Colleen said…
I can't decide between when my hubby and I shoved cake in our best man's/maid of honor's faces (instead of each other) or when he pulled all sorts of things out from under my dress while we did the garter (squirt gun, large comb, handcuffs, tire-iron, and the largest pair of woman's underwear I have ever seen). In both instances I don't know who was laughing or all our guests.
BrooklynGirl said…
After our wedding, our close friends were going out for drinks so my husband and I sent my parents home in the limo that had been reserved for us and decided to tag along.

At 2 am my husband and I were on a corner trying to hail a cab--with me in my wedding dress--and when we finally got one, the driver asked if we were on our way back from prom (it was October and we were in our late 20s).

It was sweet and funny and so very New York.
Kat said…
DH and I learned to dance which shocked our guests. My best memory was twirling around at the end with the man I love.

More babies - count me in!
-goofydaddy said…
"It was Londo's best friend (and the Pumpkin's Godfather) who got married on Sunday IN Baltimore's harbor."

did they wear hazmat scuba gear?
sorry, feeling particularly goofy today! hope you're having a good week!
Shellie said…
It was mostly a blur, and one of the most memorable parts is ahem! too personal and not g-rated and all, but other than that obvious one for those of us who wait till we're married was that my grandfather performed the ceremony since he is a temple officiator and I could feel the presence of my grandma and aunt's spirits right there in the room with the rest of my family. It was beyond description.
cyberfeen said…
Vegas courthouse, just the two of us. A witness from (as far as we could tell) the DMV upstairs. A young woman who performed the ceremony who seemed genuinely happy for us (although in Vegas who knows, it's not the happily-ever-after kind of place, is it?).

We got married, bought the dress and shoes, my wife had her hair and makeup done, we had a meal. Yes - all in that order. Crazy. Backwards. Implusive. Fun.

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