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Question of the Week - Favorite Day?

Today is my favorite day of the year. That's right, I love Bastille Day. You may be wondering why I love the day the French rose up and stormed the Bastille...

Because today is also my birthday!!!

Normally, I would go "wooo hooo" and talk about how much I love my birthday, a special day just for me (and anyone else born today and France). But I'm a bit hormonal because the Pumpkin is nursing at odd times that my body isn't quite ready for, and we had a really rough night of sleep, which lead to us sleeping late and me running behind on everything. I skipped breakfast, and even though I had a decent time at the spa this morning, there were some frustrations. Add to that a fussy toddler and I'm just tired and cranky.

How can I not feel wonderful on my favorite day of the year? After my morning at the spa, paid for (mostly) by a gift certificate that was given to me a year ago, how can I not feel relaxed and pampered? I almost feel the most guilty because I am not enjoying myself. Urg!

But anyway, here's the question of the week:

What's your favorite day of the year?

My birthday truly is my favorite day of the year, but since I've already talked about that, let me answer with my second favorite day of the year: Halloween!

I love Halloween. It's the only day you can dress up as anything you want and no one thinks it's weird, you can eat candy all day long with people giving you more when you ask, and the lore and mythology around the day are fascinating! It's a fun and spooky day and night, in which the whole family can take part--if your family celebrates, that is. We love to celebrate it, and in fact have a Halloween party every year. I can't wait until the Pumpkin and other kids are old enough to have their own party with all their kiddie friends dressed up--hopefully while our adult friends are having our own party.

How about you? Which day is special to you?


Rudyinparis said…
Happy birthday, Caramama!

My favorite day used to be Christmas day, and not just because of all the presents... It always felt so wonderfully special to me. Just a perfect day. Sadly, really, really sadly, Christmas no longer holds that much joy for me. I get joy from my kids and all, but apart from that, the whole day has become about obligation to extended family and a complete freak-out of consumerism that makes me feel pale and sickly. It really freaks me out and make me unhappy. I know--sorry to be a buzz kill. Apart from that, I would say my favorite day of the year is the day or if I'm lucky days that I get to see and be at the beach near where I grew up in Maine. It means so much to me.
ImpostorMom said…
happy birthday!

My favorite day used to be my birthday for sure but the past few years I've gotten less and less excited about it.

I don't really know what my favorite day is. I enjoy Boog's birthday and my anniversary and really any holiday that gives me a day off work. That's always a plus.
Becoming Mommy said…
It's a great holiday filled with fun and zero pressure (unlike pretty much the rest). I can't wait till this year. I actually think Sasha will like it.
He's developed a peculiar sense of humor.
I'm Not Skippy said…
I vote Halloween too. . . don't worry I won't get all worked up like I did about Fall last week.

Happy Birthday to you too.
La folle maman said…
Happy Birthday, CaraMama!

My favorite holiday is Christmas Day but as I found out this past Christmas, it's not as easy as it was pre-baby. But it's still special. I enjoy seeing all of the lights and people being just a tad bit more cheery.
limboland la la said…
Heya, I'm not sure if I have a favorite day of the year. Certainly not my birthday as I always turn into a fragile narcissistic spoiled brat. "Pay attention to attention to me! love me.... love me and only me...."

Inevitably whoever is dearest to my heart at the time (whether it be friends or partner) makes some stumble which makes me decide the world is a cold lonely place. and I truly am, alone... so lonely, oh so lonely. I have no body...for my own. ohhhhhhhhh:)

(the above laments were all meant to be sung)... but lack of italics in the commentary section leaves it a bit dry.

Anyways, my point to writing was to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Hope you got some luvin' along with your spa scrubbin'.
Happy belated birthday, Caramama! I wasn't online yesterday because I was enjoying my day off work, for Bastille Day. Hee hee.

Le Petit's birthday is the 12th of July. I'd been hoping for a July 4th or 14th birthday, but it is nice that he gets a day to himself. His birthday may be on my short list of favorite days of the year now.

I enjoy my birthday (16 December) since I've been with my husband, who always comes up with a special way to celebrate, a weekend away or a nice dinner or both. Our wedding anniversary (25 August) is also a favorite.

I used to love Thanksgiving when we lived in the US, but now it is just a November workday like any other and I have to go out of my way to find a time and place to celebrate.
paola said…
Happy birthday Caramama!

I don't really have a favourite. I like the time around my birthday as it is also close to my anniversary and we tend to celebrate at a nice restaurant or go away for a weekend (if possible). I like the build up to Christmas more than the day itself, and it gets better as the kids get older, although my oldest is only 3.5. Before 3, they don't realise anything is happening and then around 2.5/3, they start to enjoy it too. I also like January as that's when my kids were born, so that's fun too with parties and choosing presents and gift-giving.
happy birthday!

I too love my birthday. And refuse to share it, not with a wedding anniversary or a childs birthday... that's right I planned to avoid my day, I need to not share :)


let me say again HALLOWEEN! I love halloween and would be second best day also (and less than a month after my birthday that whole month of october kinda rocks)
Sharina said…
Happy belated birthday, Caramama! My favorite day is definitely New Year’s Eve. I am one of those cornballs that goes around saying “See you next year” on December 31st. New Year’s is always exciting for me whether I’m partying til midnight or watching the ball drop from my couch. Oh, and I always cry at midnight. My second favorite would be the Fourth of July, but only when I get to see fireworks. That holiday makes me kinda emotional too.
BisBink said…
Happy Birthday!!

I would have to say that my birthday and Christmas day are my two favorite days of the year. I love spending time with my family.
It was my birthday too!

Happy Birthday to us. Hope you had a lovely day.
Colleen said…
Happy Belated Birthday! :)

I think Christmas is my favorite...though less for the gifts and more for the family stuff. I miss it. Haven't been back for Christmas since we moved out here 8 years ago. Someday we'll go back. :)

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