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Hugs and Kisses

I've been really thinking deeply into a few things, like parenthood and blogging. I have these deep, thoughtful post all written--in my head. I want to write them out and hit Publish Post, but it's Friday... and... well... it's Friday!

How about I save the thoughtful posts for next week and instead tell you some more cute Pumpkin stories?

Since the Pumpkin was just a wee little babe, we have been trying to get her to give us kisses. She went through one all-to-brief stage where she would give a kiss when asked, but usually she's not that interested. She'll let us kiss her, but generally doesn't want to kiss back. We'd take any kiss, even those open-mouth, drool dribbling out kisses that she's best at. But no, she is stingy with the kisses.

Instead, she LOVES hugs. If fact, if you ask her, "Can I have a kiss?" She will often counter with, "Hugck?" (That's how she pronounces it, with a "ck" sound at the end.) And we oblige, because who would turn down a sweet, full-bodied, head-on-shoulder hug from this adorable little girl? No one, that's who. She also instigates a lot of hugs on her own, which we respond to every time. Also, I gave up on asking for a goodnight kiss which was a nightly struggle and instead I ask her for a good night hug, which she happily turns and gives me.

But she does not give out many kisses.

In order to try to entice her to give us a kiss when we want one, months ago we started going, "Mmmm... mmmmm... mmmm... mwah!" We thought it would be a fun game that would get her to give kisses. She loves the game, and makes the "Mmmmm" noised and we come running for kisses, but she almost always turns her head just as you get there to give her a kiss. So much for that. But at least she associates the "Mmmm" and "Mwah" with kisses. It's a start.

The other day, I was in the kitchen and she was in the family room toddling around. I watched as she toddled up to the dog who was lying on her stomach on the floor with her head up watching the Pumpkin. The Pumpkin went right up to her face, put a hand on each cheek and went, "Mwah!" right on the dog's mouth! I could not believe it! (Londo later told me he'd been teaching her this, but I had no idea.) And then I was laughing too hard to get the camera for a repeat performance. Of course, the dog licked her right in the mouth, she giggled and then toddled back off to something else.

Also for months and months, we've been blowing kisses to the baby when we leave as well as saying "bye bye", and she's learned to blow kisses back and say "bye" back. It's really cute. The other day, she put a little bag she has over her shoulder, started heading toward the babygate that leads to the hall to the front door, and said "bye." I was looking at her all surprised, and then she put her hand to her mouth and blew me a kiss, "Mwah!"

It was hysterical! Whenever any of us (Londo, the nanny, me) leave the house, this is exactly what we do. Put our computer bags or purses (or both in my case) over our shoulders, head that direction, say bye and blow a kiss. She had it down perfect!

So apparently kissing the dog and blowing kisses are fine activities. But still only rarely does she give kisses to her parents. But the hugs? They are constant and always appreciated. And I'll take what I can get!


I'm Not Skippy said…
I hate those sloppy baby kisses. My niece and nephew always wanted to give me kisses and I hated the slobber. . . yuck!
La folle maman said…
Aw, that's so cute! I think this definitely falls under your "imitation is the best flattery" idea you had earlier.

Monkey loves hugs too and rarely gives kisses. We're just happy he finally started waving bye-bye. He's been clapping for months and the books make it sound like those two milestones happen simultaneously, but he decided to wait for the bye-bye. I like to think it's because he hates goodbyes. :)

Each hug he gives though I think to myself, "Take it while you can." All too soon he'll be a little boy turning into a teenager who won't want all of that affection.
Cloud said…
Our Pumpkin gives both hugs and kisses, but she's far stingier with the kisses. Also, she's more likely to kiss Hubby and hug me. Except for sometimes, when I get 3 kisses in a row. Who knows what she's thinking? Regardless, I love it all. She gives the best hugs!
Jen said…
I agree that kisses are great but hugs are a very close second. Our little girl -14 mos.- also is a bit stingy with the kisses. I think this is mostly b/c it requires her to STOP MOVING and concentrate on something for more than a nanosecond. LOL!

It is so funny. I know she can do things (ie, blow kisses). She'll do it. We won't see it for weeks and then that will be all she does. She is not blowing kisses like crazy (at least today).

Cute post!
Anonymous said…
I sometimes feel like the kids are really forced to give out hugs and kisses. I think that Pumpkin choosing when to give them (and not) makes it more genuine.
Becoming Mommy said…
Sasha loves hugs too and also almost completely stopped giving kisses (if he looks like he's going in for one, be wary. He'll probably just bite your lips.).
I think it's just a when they temporarily stop waving or playing peekaboo or anything else. It'll come back around.
Colleen said…
Cooper used to only give those big open-mouthed kisses, but now if I ask for one, he blows me a kiss..."mwwwah". It's pretty funny.
Friends of ours have a little boy 3 months older than Cooper and he gives the best hugs, hands-down. He squeezes you with all 4 limbs, tucks his little face in your neck, and pats your back. He's been doing that since he was about 11 or 12 months old and it's adorable.
Baby love is the best!

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