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Being Mrs. Brightside

It sucks to pull down your pants and be disappointed. I doubt men are disappointed when they pull down their pants. Well, some men probably are, but I think most are just thinking, "Hey, cool. My penis!"

With women, there are some months when you pull down your pants and you are disappointed. This can be because you are on your honeymoon, on a beach vacation, out camping, in a strange bathroom without your purse or similar reasons. For some of us--oh, let's just say it--for me, it's because I know for sure that I'm not pregnant.

I'm trying to be all Mrs. Brightside about this. Okay! We are ready to start the medicated IUIs again! Now this whole Trying To Conceive thing is ON! Now, we mean BUSINESS!

But yesterday I got my blood taken AGAIN (two previous times last month were for pre-treatment testing), I had to wait 1.5 for a nurse to stick a phallic ultrasound object up my girl*, and I started the first type of medication (Clomid, for those who know what that is). In a couple days, I'll start giving myself injections. In. My. Stomach. I will have to do at least four this month. Good times.

It'll be worth it! We had to go through a lot for our first, and she was worth it! We can do this. I can do this. Grin and bare it. Walk it off. Rub some dirt in it. Wear long sleeves so no one things I'm a junkie. Make up excuses so people don't wonder why I keep coming in late... Oh, wait. Those last two weren't exactly Brightside... Get back on the horse. Yada yada yada... You get the picture.

As a side note, is it any wonder I haven't updated my blogroll in FOREVER and I've been bad about keeping up with all my wonderful internet friends' blogs? I really really will make time for both things very soon. I'm just crazy busy at work, at home and at the doctor. So just because you don't see your blog in my blogroll or see my comments on your posts, don't think I don't love you and your blog! I'll be back on track soon.

But as a final Brightside note, the Pumpkin slept through the night last night! So our tally is: 6 nights in a row she slept through, 4 nights in a row up early and had to cosleep, and last night slept through. So at least I've got that going for me, which is nice.

*Was that too much information? Probably. Londo hates it when I am too detailed about these things. His best friend and brother read the site, after all. And so do other random strangers on the internet. But hey, this is what we women have to go through! I consider it a PSA!


paola said…
You're the brightest of all the bloggers I know, even when you're not. You always find a reason to be happy and that really isn't easy, even for the most positive.
I'm Not Skippy said…
It is always nice when you're a guy and you get to pull down your pants. We consider it a high point of our day. We walk into or out of the bathroom and smile at each other knowing we just did, or will soon get to, at least, unzip and say "howdy stranger." It's important to check on on your friends and make sure they're doing well. I don't know who told you about this, but they're out of the club.

I don't ever consider a woman pulling down her pants a disappointment, even if she is riding the crimson tide as it were. Even your husband, I'm sure, is happy at the thought of you sans pants (though also sad about the no baby thing). Pantsless+Woman=Wahoo.

Especially in the tough times, you gotta keep it silly.

Oh and I didn't need the IMDB link. . . I knew.
Burgh Baby said…
Good for you for working to stay bright. It'll happen, and it's wonderful of you to share so that others can gain from your experiences.
Rudyinparis said…
I'll be Buddy Brightside and say things like: you will do this! You will conquer! You will rule! And spread your dominion, like, all over the place!

But I have to say, what I mostly think is, oh, geez, caramama must be so tired!
z said…
I hate phallic ultrasound thing!!

Smiles for you Brightside. I am here cheery with you/for you.
Anonymous said…
I think with all of the support you've been getting from these posts it's a good thing. Even if it means exposing some of the more personal things you go through.

BTW, I did totally think that you didn't love me anymore. That or your Google Reader is still pointing at my old blog. :)
HeatherY said…
It's good to look on the brightside! What could be better than Pumpkin #2!!! I'm in your cheering section! Go ovaries go!!!
Tranny Head said…
Aww. I wish you all the best luck on this journey.

On a lighter note - I'm Not Skippy's comment really cracked me up.

And on an even lighter note - when I was in college I went back to my room with this guy and I was ready to Seal the Deal, so to speak. And then he took his pants off. It was such a horror show of micrscopic proportion I had to pull the plug on it and find an excuse to kick him out of the room! I mean - wouldn't you think if it were that small you'd warn the chick before she saw it? I mean - if he'd said "I have a medical condition of small penisitis" or something I probably would have felt bad for him and would have not just bolted out of the room. But - well - it's awkward to kick somebody out of your room after htey've been depantsed.

That is all.
Anonymous said…
Those ultrasound probes always make me think of completely inappropriate names. I think we referred to it as the "cooch cam."
Julie said…
Ugh. Poor you. Sorry about my flip comment on the post right after this one.....didn't realize you were in the midst of this.......I need to check in more often. Hang in there. Your attitude sounds just right to me. Be easy on yourself.
Mamalooper said…
After a zillion ultrasound probes, isn't it funny about how you learn to read the screen?

"hmmm...good...3 layers of lining approaching 9mm on day x...8 follicles at a certain size so I think there'll be this many when I have the trigger shot..."

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