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Question of the Week - Games We Play

I mentioned before that I've become completely addicted to the word games on Facebook. I love word games and solitaire card games and those games where you match the same colors of whatever together and they disappear, dropping new ones down or clearing a board before they reach the end. (Did that make sense?) Even when I have no energy or brain power for anything else, I find games like that (even word games) to be mindless, fun distractions. Time wasters, for sure, but sometimes exactly what I need.

Question of the Week?

What types of games do you prefer?

I also love interactive, non-computer games, as does Londo. We love card games and board games (except I don't really like the types of games that require a ton of set up or that you have to track a bunch of things). We both grew up playing a lot of card games and board games with our siblings, and we can't wait to share this with our kids.

Some of my favorites include: Yatzee, Gin Rummy, Rook, Fluxx, Rummy Cube, Life, Cranium, Connect Four, Othello, Scattegories, and a ton of other board games from Candyland to Monopoly. I highly recommend all of these and created links for the ones I thought people might not have heard of. I'm happy to explain and rave about any more in detail, if anyone requests it!

How about you? What types of games do you like? Any favorites you want to share? I love to learn about new games!


The big ones for us are Scrabble, Scatagories, and Euchre.

Also I love clue, but no one will play with me, cause I always win.

We also like The Amazing Labrynth! And what we call the dictionary game. You pick a word from the dictionary, and write down the definition, then you ask everyone else to make up a definition. You collect them all, read them and each person votes on which one is the real definition. Points are awarded for selecting the correct definition, and also to the person who picked the word is no one guessed the real definition, and if someone picks yours. It is absolutely hilarious.
Becoming Mommy said…
Poker (but only for so long)
Trivia games (mostly because I tend to slaughter my opponents)
Text games (PC)
Sim games (PC)
And Geography (where you have to name a place that starts with the last letter of what the previous player stated)
Becoming Mommy said…
...Oh and I forgot. "who can be the most people". It's great on vacation.
Burgh Baby said…
I am a hardcore Scrabble addict. Hardcore. It kills me when I have a spare moment and it's not my turn in any of the games I have running online.
I'm Not Skippy said…
I love most all board games, party games, and logic based video games. Trivia games, word games (though I've never been big on spelling games), puzzle games, acting and drawing games. . . I love most all of them. I've even been known to dabble in borderline role-playing games, but only on occasion.
HeatherY said…
I love Scrabble, Monopoly (because I always kick the hubs butt and it makes him mad) and dominoes. My favorite would have to be dominoes just because it reminds me of my grandmother. We always played dominoes.
Bis said…
I like most card and board games, as long as they are not to trivial or long. No Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly for me.

Oh Othello! Love that one. I remember playing that with you. I don't think I ever won a game. I bow down to the Othello Champion! Ok, I am pretty sure I rarely won a game of anything when playing with you. Except for those card games where you slap the piles or doubles. What were those called?

I am definitely looking forward to the day my child(maybe someday children) is(are) old enough to play fun board games with me and my husband.
Shellie said…
I love bookworm and Mah jong and tetris. Love the board games too. We love to play Mancala and other old games. Maybe I'll have to post about them sometime?
Colleen said…
I haven't played much in years...need to get back into it. But some old favorites are Oh Heck (card game), Yatzee, Zilch (dice game), chess, checkers, Spoons (card game). Actually, with the exception of chess and checkers, all the games I love are ones that we can play with as many people as we can cram around a table. Heck, we used to have yearly family competition in Spoons, with a homemade trophy and everything. You'd be surprised how full-contact a card game can become in my family. :)

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