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DC Area Peeps! Let's Hang Out Again!

You know it's going to be a great day when you wake up in the night crying twice from dreams that weren't really that sad. Oh, let's also add all the other times you woke up because your getting-sick toddler came to bed with you and your partner and tossed and turned all night.

And by "you," I of course mean "me." And by "great day," I of course mean "crazy-emotional-pregnancy hormonal day."

So cheer me up, my friends, by agree to a DC Area Meet Up in May! I'll put up a voting for the dates in a side bar shortly. So please vote on a date. Also, leave a comment about a location.

Because I missed the Meet Up at the Play Cafe in Reston, I was wondering if you all wanted to go there for this meet up? Either that, or maybe somewhere downtown?

Let me tell you my reasoning for NoVA or DC. In May, I will be even heavier with child. But by the next meet up (hopefully in July?), I will have an infant and will want to meet my neck of the MD woods. And since we seem to be all over the place (and someday will have to meet somewhere towards DE for hedra), I'm trying to vary the local. Soooo, what do you guys think?


Mama (Stacy) said…
Not sure if LG and I will be able to make it (May is crazy for us) but some suggestions of location:
1. National Building Museum - the kid's play zone is awesome (of course it could be really crowded on a weekend)
2. Hayes Playground in Arlington (this is a great playground that is easy to get to and has a small parking lot but lots of street parking) Picnic tables and restrooms are on site
3. Clemyjontri playground is unbelievable but it is in McLean so it might be more of a hike for people (though not worse than Reston). Picnic tables and restrooms here too.
4. Kidwell Farm in Herndon (slightly further out than At Play Cafe) but this is a real working farm with lots of animals and it is FREE unlike Reston Zoo which is really expensive. Also you could do the National Zoo.

If we can make it, we will bring cupcakes! :)
Anonymous said…
Peter and I would love to meet up again. We have some small commitments in May and have not worked out the dates yet, but we will try to meet up wherever.

strugibear *at*gmail*dot*com
Anonymous said…
Sounds good to me. Play Cafe was nice but small. Would depend on the number of confirmed I think.

Sorry you and I haven't been able to hook up recently. I know we had a Sunday planned recently but never got the details straightened out.
epeepunk said…
May is too crazy for us - it's already booked up. Maybe June.

I'd add a vote for the Building Museum too - being able to let the kids run around inside is great, and the playzone is fabulous, and the museum shop is dangerous.

And something up DE way would be good too. Maybe we'll have to arrange that.
Colleen said…
I voted for the 16th and kind of thinking with all this rain we keep getting that I'd like it inside so that we don't get rained-out. :) Although, as far as I can tell, we should also be able to do the 23rd.
Sonia said…
I'd vote for an indoor location, too, just because it seems like it's rained almost every weekend for the past month. I'm in favor of Play Cafe (for the purely selfish reason that I live in Reston, about 10 minutes from the place, but have still never been there!) All the other ideas sounded great too. The afternoon of 5/16 is booked, but I could do the morning, and 5/23 is open. Hope to be able to meet you all!
- Dana said…
Kevin said you e-mailed. I'm not sure what he said to you but basically just choose whatever weekend and we'll try to make it. Aria has eye surgery next week so we have to keep her away from germs for a that makes this weekend and next difficult for us. And then memorial weekend we are traveling. We could possibly meet up that Sat morning on the way out though. Thanks for checking in on us! This month is a little weird for us so it's hard to commit to plans :-)

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