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Question of the Week - Questions, Questions, Questions

We are having internet problems, which is why I've not been online or posting much lately. It's very frustrating, and the cable guy isn't coming until Saturday. Hopefully this posts.

So let's get right to the question of the week:

What question(s)/phrase/activity is your child asking/saying/doing constantly these days?

The Pumpkin is always asking "Can I help?" and "Can I go?" If we don't answer right away, she asks "Can I? Can I? Can I?" She wants to help with everything from the dishes (she's getting good at washing the soap off dishes) to making coffee (which I don't let her help with). And she wants to go everywhere with me or Londo. It's hard to say no to her, because isn't it nice that she wants to help and sweet that she wants to go with us?

She is also constantly asking if she can hold the baby and saying "Oh, what a cute little baby!" There are many worse things she could be constantly asking for or doing. We are pretty lucky.

The Pookie is constantly nursing and a bit fussy. He is now entertained by some toys and rattles, though not peek-a-boo. And he makes some pretty cute little coo and goo goo noises! He doesn't do much else, so that's pretty much it for his activities.

How about your kid? What are they constantly asking for, saying or doing these days? Share the cute things or the things that drive you crazy.


Katie said…
The Infanta has learned signs for "more" and "nurse", and uses them. Frequently. I've caught her using them together, and also starting to sign one and switching to the other. Since she's apparently teething *again* (when will the f***ers cut?!), as well as working on a growth spurt, and possibly also trying to invigorate my milk supply, she was asking to nurse approximately hourly today. She's also chowing down on solids - at dinner she ate a good half a slice, on top of a fair amount of dry cereal... and washed it all down with mommy moo. *sigh*

I love that the signing has clicked. But. I'm trying to reduce her nursing frequency, because I'd really like to keep a pregnancy!!! I've now lost three since May, including the m/c at about 6 weeks, and now two back-to-back chemical pregnancies. I'm at trying to be philosophical, and enjoying my kid while letting myself heal.
Le Petit hasn't quite understood how to conjugate the verb want ("vouloir" in French). So whenever he tries to say "I want," he says "you want" instead.

"Tu veux la musique."

"Tu veux un cookie."


"Tu ne veux PAS du broccoli!"

All day long. It cracks me up. Sometimes I tease him (and try to correct him gently) by saying "No, I don't want that. Do you want that?"

The funny thing is, he uses "je" and "I" for other verbs. I think that since adults rarely say "I want" but instead use "I'd like..." or "It would be nice if..." or other polite constructions, he doesn't have it modeled. But we're always asking him "Do you want?" so he's learned one form and not the other.
I'm Not Skippy said…
• "I do" He wants to do it all on his own.
• His trains that he's obsessed with.
• He wants to go "unna" the covers in our bed.
• He only likes 2 shirts and fights HARD to get out of any others.

Yeah we're definitely closer to 2 than 3.
Trannyhead said…
I hear "Mommy, fix it please" like a gazillion times a day. My kid is intensely mechanical and he loves to take things apart, but doesn't know how to put them back together, yet. Makes me insane!
Becoming Mommy said…
Sasha is doing 2 things incessantly:
1. Asking to go outside. And when we say no? He goes to the door, unlocks it, and walks out. We need a better lock.
2. Complaining that something is "stuck". Usually that means that it isn't working like he wants or he is buckled in somewhere and wants out.
electriclady said…
"How it helps you?"=what does it do? For EVERYTHING.
"What's that?" (pointing to picture in the science section of NY Times)
"Um, a spleen."
"How it helps you?"

Also, my husband (SAHD) has been taking her to parks and museums a lot this summer, and whenever she's telling me about their latest adventure, and how she wants to go back soon, she says, "Would you like to join us?"
he just calls it over and over and over again. I respond each time.
"what do you want"
"can I help you"
and then I resort to
which makes him giggle at least.

Like becoming mommy said "STUCK" anything that wont do what he expects when he wants it is stuck :)
Cloud said…
My favorite of her current refrains is "What happen to you?"- said if one of us says "Ow!" or expresses any sort of displeasure. She gets a worried look on her face, which is the best part of this question.

@Electriclady- I'd answer the spleen question by saying that it helps make sure you have enough blood. A gross oversimplification, but probably enough for a toddler!
Charisse said…
Well, bearing in mind this is from 5-year-old land, my favorite this week was:

mommy, if you were a bad guy and I was a bad guy horse with red eyes and poison bottles on my hooves, and you saw me in a pet store, would you buy me?

Maybe I should make that 5-year-old planet.
-goofydaddy said…
Whenever I pick up my almost 3 year old (2 months away!), she pats my cheeks lightly to check if I've shaved that day. if i didn't, she asks:

"Daddy, why didn't you shave today? there's no place to kiss you!"

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