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Caro Figlio - My Smile Guy

Caro Mio Bello Bambino,

Last week, you officially turned 3 months old.

You are a big boy, with very round features. A round head, round eyes, round nose and big, round cheeks. You are absolutely adorable and highly kissable. You are a little broad in width and really solid, like a little football player. Your eyes are the same deep, bright blue with yellowish-brown flecks in the middle as your sister's were. your hair seems to have a reddish tint to the light brown, but there isn't a whole lot there to really be able to tell.

Mostly, you are very very smiley. Your daddy pointed out the other day that I call you "smile guy." I didn't really realize that I called you that, or maybe I didn't realize how much I call you that. But you are always giving me this huge, toothless, wide-mouthed smile. You crinkle your nose and open your mouth as big as it'll go. The crinkles reach your eyes. It's as if your whole face just lights up with joy!

You also giggle a lot and makes those adorable "ooooo" sounds. Lately, you've been sucking in your lower lip, which is so cute. You are reaching and pulling things, and you are watching everything going on around you.

I almost positive that the other day as you were watching the Pumpkin run around the room climbing and spinning, you started laughing at her. You were sitting in my lap facing outwards to watch her, and I swear you were laughing at her! It was a wonderful moment to be a part of as a mother. As the mother to you two children.

You love to face out and watch everything. I've been using the Moby wrap with great success lately because I put you facing out and you are so happy like that (and I was happy to have my arms and hands free).

You make lots of little grunting noises (as I am hearing now on the monitor), and you are very kicky. You still wakes up a lot at night, but you usually fall back asleep pretty easily cuddled up to me and usually nursing.

Perhaps the most amazing thing I've discovered lately is that I'm associating a specific smell to my children. I never really thought about that. I guess I knew that there was that generic baby smell, but I didn't realize that each of my children would have a certain smell that I find delicious and can't get enough of. your sister has a kind of fresh smell. You have this tangy smell. I can't really describe the smells better than that, but I can bring it up in my memory in a heartbeat.

I am just amazed by you. You are truly beautiful and growing so fast! I can't wait to watch you grow into a little kid, like your sister is. And then to watch you grow up and see the person you become. And I want to treasure every moment and every smile along the way.

Ti amo,


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