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Question of the Week - What's Exciting and New?

This is a CRAZY week here at the caramama household. The Pumpkin had her first day of school yesterday, and it went really well (of course she didn't nap and cried about it and wouldn't stay on her cot, but who's surprised? Other than that, she had a great time and ran right back into the foray this morning.). The nanny is transitioning to the Pookie, and that's going pretty well. I start back at work on Thursday, and am crazy busy trying to get everything in order before I go back. And Londo has had to work extremely long hours, including working over the weekend, on a project that will wrap up sometime this week (thank goodness). And sleep has again gone out the window.

I have much more to say on all these matter, and others, but due to being non-stop busy, having intermittent internet connectivity and only one hand free when I do get on the computer (usually I'm nursing at the time), I will have to write about these things in more detail later.

But I would love to hear what is going on with you all! I can read and click Submit with only one hand free, so answer this week's question of the week in as great detail as you want!

What's exciting and new with you?

Besides love and the Love Boat, certainly there are things exciting and new going on with you all. How's the start of the new school year going for you all? How about your kiddos? Anything new with them? And you? Tell me what's going on.


paola said…
Uh, thanks for asking!

Hubby is in Rio for a week while I have to man the fort ( actully not all that bad as I do most of the fort manning at the best of times, and with one less mouth to feed and clean up after it's pretty ok). I have started to watch the box set of Sex and the City in English, which I'm really enjoying ( have seen from season 3 onwards in Italian, but it's definitely not the same). I'm suffering pretty badly from Rag Weed allergy and it's wiping me out and am toying with the idea of going back to Aus. Noah starts his 2nd year of kinder on the 14th and Zoe could also start ( if they have any places left which I doubt)but more probably wil start after she turns 3 in January. I started teacing today which was great. So nice to have some adult interaction.
In less than a week, I'm taking le Petit home to Seattle for three week visit family. I'll be flying solo with a very active toddler on a 10 hour flight, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm also looking forward to what promises to be a memorable mother-son adventure. After all, even if everything goes wrong, I'll at least have some wonderfully embarrassing story to tell some day in a toast at his wedding.
Katie said…
Excitement, but not very good. DH is back to work today, leaving me alone again with the Infanta after a glorious summer of coparenting ALL. DAY. And he tells me that due to politics at the school, he may not have a job next year (longer story than that, but that's the gist). That's the icing on the cake of a mama I know who's having a m/c at 26/27 weeks right now. I'm glad I'm not pregnant right now. :/
I'm Not Skippy said…
I started a second job as a college professor, teaching a graphic design class. I'm teaching one class, two days a week, for three hours each day. My wife has started the school year in first grade again and is taking classes at night to finish her master's degree (she'll finish this school year). So we're all tried and crazy.

So she'll have a MA and be teaching first grade and I only have an AA and I'm teaching college. Irony.
MommyEm said…
Dorothy has just passed her final MENSA exam and will be starting Columbia in a couple weeks. Dorothy's daddy has started his dream career as a roadie for U2, and we will miss him, but the free concert tickets rock. I have started my second season on the reality TV show "Middle Class Housewives of New Jersey." Our third season is in jeopardy since there hasn't been much conflict in the past two seasons - most of us are pretty even-keeled, have boring accents, and don't throw things. But heck, it was fun while it lasted!

Okay, Okay...just kidding. But the real stuff isn't as fun to write about. Dorothy starts pre-school in October, I'm studied to get group fitness certification, and the DH is excited that college football season starts on Saturday! The weather is beautiful here and we are loving being outside.
cynthia said…
It's my due date, nothing exciting and new other than wondering when the baby will make his/her grand entrance!
Charisse said…
Kindergarten!! Started last week, so far Mouse is really happy. Her teacher is a cool DJ who plays jazz at quiet time and writes little notes to the class every day. We feel really lucky.

I need to pull a bunch of other stuff together now, but that was the big one!

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